PUA/Game: Game Minus Looks Is Worthless

Incel forums are great PUA/Game zones because incels usually have PUA/Game down. Incels are super experts on PUA/Game. Lot of good that’s doing them. This goes to show that just knowing Game stuff doesn’t get you laid.

You need the Looks or something else – Status, Money, Power, Fame to attach the Game onto otherwise it’s not worth a thing. Game minus Looks strikes me as quite useless and possibly even dangerous as now you have essentially an arrogant Omega, which is a #metoo trainwreck waiting to happen.

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One thought on “PUA/Game: Game Minus Looks Is Worthless”

  1. Well, honestly, you can’t expect all men to score with more than one woman – but then again, I guess the omegas are trying to get at least, one woman.

    Anyway, it boils down to natural selection. These guys aren’t willing to press whatever talent they have to be something – so they never have nothing! It’s like this person I know that has an internet forum. He mopes about his forum never has any visitors – but he’s not willing to work/sacrifice (He has a disability pension.) to gain advertising.

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