Game/PUA: Chads Versus Incels: Women’s Double Standards

Shy, very quiet, or brooding Chad is regarded as a “project” by women who are determined to “pull Chad out of his shell.” Other women find him mysteriously attractive. They look at him. “The quiet one,” they say with an amazed, fascinated and possibly horny look on their faces.

Shy Chad somehow can fuck for hours at a time because, well, being Chad does that to you. “Still waters run deep,” she says, shaking her head after she got fucked by “shy Chad” for two hours straight.

The strange, serious, brooding, mysterious, somewhat dangerous Chad is an object of fascination by the women he dates. “Look at this brooding man. He’s so fascinating and mysterious. He reminds me of a university professor I used to date,” She says, homing in on him, fascinated, like a cruise missile.

Others find it touching. “Aw,” his new girlfriend says, “Chad is shy,” like she was talking about a 6 year old boy. Chad’s shyness is cute, endearing, boyish, sensitive, heartwarming.

Incels are quiet, and it’s “When is he going to whip out the guns and start shooting!?” Incels brood and they are dangerous creeps, to be avoided, the next mall shooter. On the other hand, if incels stop being quiet and shy and try to talk to women, now they are dangerously weird and creepy, and it’s #metoo time. Incels are screwed. Damned if they are quiet, damned if they come out of their shells.

Incels are immature. “Why don’t you incels grow up!”

Chad is exactly the same as the immature incels, except Chad is “boyish”. “There’s something boyish about you, like a little boy,” the new woman says, delight dancing in her eyes. “I love it.”


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3 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Chads Versus Incels: Women’s Double Standards”

  1. So many of these autistic incels are not skinny. In that case, it seems like more women would make the first move. Myself, I’m lanky and tall – so that’s always been a problem.

    1. Homeboy, I’ve been skinny my whole life. I had the most women (and men!) after me when I was 25. I was 5’11, 150. I got two modeling offers that year. Mostly I have been 5’11, 165-170, but I have always been skinny or thin. Every now and then a woman would remark on contemptuously. “You are pretty skinny!” To that I usually respond, “Shut up cunt!” with my best Ted Bundy look in my eyes. They often would just about start crying. A number of the women who contemptuously called me skinny got fucked by me later on lol.

      Skinny guys can for sure get laid if they have goodlooking enough faces. The face is the place.

  2. There’s a subreddit called “Incel Tears” that is entirely dedicated to putting incels in the hot seat. Here’s their sub’s “mission statement”:

    “IncelTears is a part-mocking, part-watchdog subreddit for posting screenshots of hateful, misogynist, racist, violent, and often bizarre content created by “incels” (hateful involuntary celibates). We do not condone blanket hatred of virgins or the romantically unsuccessful, only those who self-identify as “incel”. Incels blame women, their genes, attractive men, and society at large for their inability to get dates or sex. Occasional meta/discussion and advice-seeking posts are also welcome.”

    The last bit in particular grates on my nerves something fierce because it is absolutely lathered in profound delusion and wanton ignorance–two human vices that are outright toxic to the gradual advancement, and the sustained survival, of the human species, as well as being virtually unbearable when encountered in excess by anyone with a modicum of sense.

    Do these people not understand that society at large savagely castigates men who cannot get laid? Do they not understand that genes exert HEAVY influence on the composition of a man’s personality and the quality of his facial and bodily appearance? Are they blind to the undeniable fact that attractive men have been monopolizing gaggles of women since time immemorial? Any young man who made it through high school certainly witnessed the latter dynamic at play between his young, attractive, and female classmates and the sports jocks that they swooned over like a bunch of bitches in heat. Look at how women treat conventionally unattractive men versus how they treat conventionally attractive ones. The difference is night and day.

    How can they not see any of this? Perhaps they’re in denial. People are good at denying the reality of things even when it’s staring right at them. Maybe it’s a grimy underhanded strategy of some sort. Wouldn’t it be funny if the subreddit were actually dominated by a bunch of incels who were “outing” other sexless men as incels just to secure even the barest scraps of social standing within polite society?

    God, I used to think certain elements of 4chan (and incels in particular) were psychologically unhinged whenever they ragged on “normies” and “normie” culture like rabid dogs. In fact, a large part of me still thinks 4chan is batshit insane at times…but after having reviewed the things that I’ve seen and the things that I continue to see in my everyday life, I now understand, at least on a rudimentary level, where the anger and frustration comes from. Normie culture is simple-minded; fear-driven; conformist at its foundation. In normie culture, lies are truths and truths are lies.

    And it’s a downright rotten culture to its core. Look at that subreddit. How can these people get a kick out of putting down some of the lowest status men in existence? It’s inhumane to the highest degree.

    I’m not even an incel, but I feel so sorry for these men. I really do.

    The world doesn’t care about them. It has never cared about them.

    And it never will.

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