Adopt a Poor Black American?

Well, among whites with a steady good job or better yet, Mr. Drummond on Different Strokes – it works wonders.  Well, I don’t mean necessarily adoption, but rather marrying a black, letting some blacks in the neighborhood etc..

Well, anyway, the premise operates like the “mail-order” bride thing.  Note, when some American marries a Filipina – the effect in the Philippines is off-the-charts.  Everything back home improves!

Anyway, in my home town, there are ladies who have married black men – maybe they were even dumped by them – normally, lol.  However, these women have been a massive positive effect for the kids.  The kids are not only  richer – but usually, because of genetics, they have a higher IQ.  Also, these kids go on to create, at the least, decent families (my guess).  It’s an end to the dead-end cycle of “being poor black”.

O.K. who hates these race-mixers?  Poor whites do – possibly cause their culture has taught them to hate other races from fear and also they’re probably jealous.  Well, typically they view race-mixers as whores, people wanting non-white pets, people who live in a shell (Yes, having money beyond a ghetto existence is a shell of sorts!), effeminate pansies, poor losers (in the case of poor whites wanting to be with blacks).

Anyway, the white racist movement has a steady supply of poor people with the backers often being richer white bigots.  Yes, a good number of richer Americans – for whatever reason, also hate non-whites.  I take the reason to be machismo, conservative politics, military experience, a recent background in being poor in the past etc..

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