Alt Left: A Black a Block Works

First of all this whole rather offensive “a Black a block” theory only applies to low class or ghetto Blacks who are causing all the problems. The middle class Blacks get furious every time I bring up this theory, but I’ve got some news for you: We aren’t talking about you! You are not part of the Black a block theory. We don’t think middle class Blacks need to be spread out in order to act more civilized. They already act ok as it is.

Sam: “A Black a block. Spread em out and civilize em!”

This has already been tried and shown to fail. The study of this was done in Memphis Tennessee. They tore down the public housing and everyone went to Section 8. Everywhere they moved crime followed them.

Your comment is not correct. Yes crime went up in the areas they moved to but they followed the Blacks from public housing to the new neighborhoods and they did act somewhat better in the new places. They committed somewhat less crime in the new places than they did in public housing, so it was a net win for society.

In fairness to the idea that spread out they are not so bad we should note that they did seem to cluster on section 8 but it was because there was only so much lower cost housing.

So they weren’t really spreading them out so much after all.

Sam: This plague of black criminals was of course was foisted on poor Whites by the rich.

If Black crime goes up in White areas but goes down overall, is it worth it? I argue that it is. It doesn’t particularly matter where Blacks commit their crime, and 9

Sam: The real solution is to build mass high rise housing projects. The basic idea is sort of like what they had in the Soviet Union but refined. With mass production they could very low cost.

They already tried that. Google Cabrini Green. It didn’t seem to work. Crime was very high in those high rise projects for whatever reason. There was a theory for a while that there was more crime in the high rises and the idea was to spread them out to one or two stories. Not sure how it worked as public housing in Watts such as Nickerson Gardens (puns anticipated) is very low-rise like that, and those places are Hell.

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18 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Black a Block Works”

  1. Well, Sam has a point, sort of. You can’t really throw dysfunctional blacks – unto dysfunctional whites. You can’t really throw poor blacks onto poor whites.

    Instead, I was thinking more on the lines of – fairly functional (economic, otherwise) whites. Anyhow, Sam mentioned throwing blacks unto liberal whites. Well, why not? Also, more richer (as in not dirt poor) conservative whites won’t be harmed by a few blacks.

    1. Who said those Whites were dysfunctional?

      One of the things I dislike about making these posts about “racist facts” is that everyone has to chime in with, “This is how we ameliorate this problem of ghetto Blacks!”

      First it’s “You’re lying!”, or “So what!” (my favorite – I get that from Blacks all the time), “Whites do it too!”, and then when they get through with all those garbage arguments, it’s, “Let’s do X and Y to try to ameliorate these problems of the ghetto Blacks.” I don’t really see the point of these arguments. I mean if you want to talk about ways to deal with these problems, fine. But there’s an air of desperation, frustration and anger about it. And when people talk about possible ways to ameliorate the problem, it usually whips back around to “blame Whitey.”

      I am pretty defeatist about this stuff. I don’t pretend to have any ways to ameliorate any of these serious problems. Sometimes I think all these issues are just hopeless.

      I guess what I am saying is I don’t post this stuff to ask, “How do we better these problems?” I’m too cynical for that. I make these posts only to show that the Left actually believes that facts are racist and that people who state proven scientific facts are racist KKK Nazis full of hate for Black people.

      When really these are just facts. You can state these facts and use them to hate on Black people or defend your racist bullshit or you can just state them as simple facts with no hatred implied at all. Just because some group has some issues doesn’t mean you have to hate them. And one could even love Black people while rattling off some facts that make them look pretty bad.

      People assume that if you note some unpleasant facts about some group that means you hate them. No it doesn’t. It’s only if these unpleasant truths make you hate the group that the facts cause hate. Facts don’t cause hate or love or anything. They just sit there being facts. Humans inject whatever emotions they choose into whatever truths are floating about. Once again, facts aren’t hate. Facts aren’t love. Facts aren’t any emotion at all. Facts are just emotion-free truths sitting there in space waiting for some human to slap some emotion onto them.

      So the purpose of these posts is just to show how stupid the Scum Left is for saying that people who point out scientific proven facts are automatically evil racist scum. I’m also pointing out how fucktarded the Scum Left is for assuming that there are such thing as racist facts or hateful facts. Facts cannot possibly be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, or hateful in any way. The very idea that the Left thinks there are “evil facts” just shows how batshit nuts the Crazy Left is.

      So I don’t want to get into endless discussions about how to try to improve these problems. That’s a subject for another post, and honestly, I don’t see a lot of ways of bettering most of these things. I mean try everything you’ve got, sure.

      The only thing I will say about low class Blacks is quit importing them. Blacks are 13% of the population. That’s more than plenty. Let’s not raise that percentage any higher please.

      I’ve got no problem with importing the best and brightest Blacks from the Caribbean or Africa or anywhere. But this is one group that you just can’t import willy-nilly like some other racial groups. They have too many issues. We have to be more selective about this group of people than we are with other groups.

      And in case you think that’s a horribly racist statement, the US government already has just that policy. The US government considers West Africans, especially Nigerians, to be a very problematic group (obviously), and they decline 99.5% of Nigerian VISA applications. Those guys in the Embassy aren’t stupid.

      1. Poor whites simply don’t like poor blacks, just like poor Mexicans don’t. As Sam noted, blacks are thrust upon them – cause they (the poor whites) don’t have the cash to get away from them. Now, whites with at least, a little more cash – can probably handle some blacks.

        Ideally, poor whites shouldn’t be like that – but human nature operates on fear.

        1. Sprinkle a few low class Blacks in a White or Hispanic neighborhood, and it’s no big. My city has 4% Blacks. And most of them are ghetto as Hell. Nevertheless, they don’t act all that bad, or at least they don’t act nearly as bad as ghetto Blacks tend to act in their own blown-out hoods.

          Furthermore, the Blacks here don’t have any numbers. This chides them in a sense and makes them a bit chagrined. They seem to be deliberately holding back on their worst behavior.

          Also here we won’t let low class Blacks get away with ghetto BS. They try that around here and the Whites and Hispanics call them on it real fast. A lot of them still keep doing it but the Whites and Hispanics here will simply end a friendship when these Blacks here start pulling their ghetto nonsense.

          So they get punished a lot for bad behavior. I’m not sure it affects them, but maybe it does. At any rate, as a consequence of negative reinforcement, I do think they act better or at least they seem to constrain their worst impulses.

          Also with no numbers, no Black gangs are formed. Black gangs are like poison. They’re worse than Hispanic gangs, and they are far worse than White gangs.

          All of these things combined to cause the low class Blacks in city to act a lot better than they ordinarily would. I can’t prove it but I look at these low class Blacks around here and I think, “Damn if these people were in the hood, they would be acting so much worse.”

          Don’t get me wrong. These low class Blacks in my city still cause problems. They just don’t cause mayhem, which is what they cause in their Black cities.

          I figure most any good sized metropolis can handle at least up to 4% low class Blacks.

          1. Any majority group tends to bully – cause there isn’t any restraint on their abuse. I mean, East Tennessee, for instance, is livable (mostly white) – but there is quite a bit of redneck tyranny. However, it’s far less than what you’d see if blacks were the majority.

            The key thing where I’m at is to just “not get on the bad side of people”, but it’s often unavoidable as many kids are nerds and some people want to freely express political opinions (on social media etc..).

      2. Well, there is a misunderstanding. I’m not saying all lower class whites are dysfunctional. Actually, I’m referring “skid row” whites. These would be ones with criminal records, heavy job instability etc.. These whites don’t like blacks – and they often have good reason.

        Anyway, “skid row” whites cannot help blacks anyhow. They simply don’t have the economic power.

  2. Man you Anglo Saxon bourgeois-liberals(and conservatives for that matter) are just the biggest fucking contradictions.

        1. Well, I’m not a true anti-SJW. I realize that encouraging integration will “force situations” where people could get their feelings hurt – so society would have to be changed somewhat (in those areas) to make things work.

          I mean I’m sure ladies with black kids and boyfriends are called “nigger lovers”, their kids also bullied in school – assuming they are not in a SJW influenced environment.

          1. What do you mean you are not a true anti-SJW? I don’t understand.

            See how insane these evil scum filth SJW dogs are? They say I am an extreme racist. Fine. But I am an integrationist! I am a hardcore integrationist who strongly supports the integration of Black people with Whites. How many racists are integrationists!? There’s no such fucking thing! No integrationist in the history of Mankind has ever been a racist. It’s not even possible. These people are pure shit and I hate them even more than I hate Trump scum. They’re garbage and I wish they were all dead.

          2. SJWs are under the notion that all people are created equal (aside from the verifiable mentally retarded/ill) – when they’re not. Now, don’t get me wrong, all people are entitled to equal human rights, though.

            However, it is rude and mean to state the obvious. But nobody in the past had a problem doing that!

          3. What do you mean you are not a true anti-SJW? I don’t understand.

            Hardcore anti-SJWs are against forced integration – especially busing etc..

          4. Well the Alt Left is anti-SJW. It’s just that we are not reactionary assholes like most of the anti-SJW’s. We are actually opposed to real discrimination against anyone, Blacks, Whites, women, men, however. We are against real racism and sexism against anyone. Our complaint is not that real racism and sexism against anyone should be fought, it is more that SJW’s are fanatical retards. We don’t oppose them because they are against oppression and discrimination. We oppose them because they have gone completely overboard insane in fighting this stuff, which really isn’t all that important anyway honestly. Economics is where it’s at, not this cultural BS.

        1. I was addressing this to Jason Muniz. These Leftists are quick to attack us and call us names but ask for their plan? They don’t have one!

          1. Neither the right – of any flavor (alt-right, racists, traditional Republicans) – nor the left, generally – have a working plan.

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