What about “meh poor whites”?

With such emphasis on starving third world children and Black Lives Matter – what about the pre-fame Axl Rose/Ozzy Osbourne – wallowing in some Indiana trailer? 😆

Well, this “sympathy thing” is often used by white nationalists to paint the “only assholes” as being liberals – not themselves etc..

However, the truth of the matter is that all the poor deserve pity.   However, identity politics has played different groups against each other – making blacks, liberals etc. have no pity for poor whites – assuming they’re supposed to be richer.  But isn’t that racist- against blacks and browns?  Yes, it is – because it’s assuming whites are superior – ironically!

Also, of course, I’ve already mentioned the thing where WNs constantly bring up “meh po white bros” whenever poor blacks, browns are brought up – people they have zero empathy for!

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