Snob Behavior as a Block to Racial Progress

Something in human nature is inherently snobby. I suppose religious people  (some of them) would claim it’s the “fallen nature”.  Anyway, this snobby-ness IS such a problem – that as recently as the 1950s – it was considered normal – in America – to shun interracial marriage or association.

However, though, it’s this “shunning” which has driven groups into isolation – and they simply cannot function isolated.  However, though, racists are always claiming: “Let them stay among their own kind and they can build their own wonderful civilization.”.  Well, outside of Northeast Asians – frankly – I’ve never seen it!

Well, the commentator EPGAH (a past one who has disappeared) said “Let Lord Darwin take care of the mess.”.   Well, that’s pretty much a recipe for no – or worse change.  I mean, who said we had to operate according to Darwin?  I mean, look at Cuba and how simply removing snooty assholes has made such a difference.  But then again, why did they need Communism to create that?  Well, maybe because the Latin American rich are such snobby bastards that simply will never give an inch!

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