Too Harsh on Poor Whites?

Well, I have been accused of it, even called a Yid – ha ha.  However – the fact remains that a lot of poor whites are simply thieves and swindlers.  But I can’t really blame them.  It’s just a tempting option to the poor – considering they’re pretty much locked out of the richer “white normie world”.

Anyway, I never advocate the harshness on poor whites that the former commenter Trash (now using another name) engaged in.  For one thing, it was massive over-generalization and also – what if you need the help of a poor white – like say, your car breaks down in nowhere?  I mean, even if you hired a normal auto mechanic (normally fairly middle class), they still have the spirit and culture of poor whites.

Anyhow, poor whites are indeed somewhat racist to varying degrees – but it’s not without justification – but that’s not supporting or encouraging it.

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2 thoughts on “Too Harsh on Poor Whites?”

  1. Oh, I am definitely an AGNOSTIC belonging to the Western School of Thought! My BAPTISM is definitely PENDING but it must wait for an APPROPRIATE place and an APPROPRIATE time. Oh, it is nothing more than a RITUAL, for me, because I understand the Church of the so called CHRIST quite well, now!

    So, there is no SWINDLE whatsoever on my part.

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