Cool, slick people get away with murder!

This is no surprise – as I’ve always known rednecks are creeps, sexual predators – who hide behind funny jokes, alcohol (Well, not in Ted’s case.) and machismo.


Imagine for a moment that Ted Nugent is not widely known as king of the inbred. Imagine, instead, that he is an attorney in Manhattan. Or Bono. Or that, instead of Courtney Love, he was accused of receiving oral sex from a 12-year-old boy. And then recording a song about how he’s really into that. After adopting a 17-year-old so he could have sex with her.

Would governors and congressmen hit the campaign trail with that guy? Would they send their children to his “Kamp for Kids” — and professional snipers? What would they say about almost any other man? They wouldn’t call him a creep or a redneck. They’d call him a pedophile.

Instead, Nugent is embraced as some sort of down-home firebrand. He’s a redneck rock star; sex with kids is just part of the package! Sarah Palin says that if a candidate “is good enough for Ted Nugent, he is good enough for me!” Congressmen invite him to the State of the Union. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is attacked (in a fairly convoluted way) for associating with Ronan Farrow.

O.K, oddly enough, some of Ted’s views – I actually agree with  (against factory farming, anti-gun control)!  Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the fact – he’s a person not held accountable for pedophilia – and to top that off – he’s campaigning to make sure pedophiles get the worst punishment – well, probably, like so many other hypocrite Facebook comedians, – basically – calling for harsh punishment – on himself!

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3 thoughts on “Cool, slick people get away with murder!”

  1. He’s not a pedophile. Fucking 14 year old girls isn’t pedophilia, especially rock star groupies who probably seduced him. Of course fucking 17 year old girls isn’t pedophilia. Hell, it’s legal in half the states and most of the world.


  2. It’s kinda funny how these liberals will jump all over Ted Nugent for fooling around with teenage groupies, because he’s some bad-baddy-bad Republican gun nazi (literally worse than Hitler), but they never have any problem with forgiving liberal male feminist folk-singer Peter Yarrow for doing the exact same thing because, hey, “everyone went a little crazy back in the sixties”

    1. Yeah it’s done on all sides. For instance, I’ve heard at least two creepy pedo comments from Bill Maher! O.K. when will it be his time for accusations?

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