11 thoughts on “Mutual Intelligibility among the Slavic Languages”

        1. Hey Rambo, how are ya? Jason needs to get off his lazy ass and help me with the site. He’s the site administrator and I am waiting for him to give me some site tools I need to help administer the site.

          I think I am getting over my depression about losing the site. It’s like it made me clinically depressed. I was just depressed about the subject of this site and didn’t want to work on it. When I feel that way I just do fun things all day. One problem is I don’t take care of business like I should when I am down. My way of dealing with low moods is to do fun stuff all day. Errands and things I have to do seem like a drag, so they go on the back burner.

  1. Jesus fuck man, I wanted to read it, but 222 pages intimidates me? How the hell do you keep the attention span to read such a long paper?

  2. Always been a big fan of yours. I’ve come back to your language analyses for about 3-4 years now, regularly. You’ve got one hell of a mind. Keep up the great work.

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