Slavery in the Past – Why are we not shocked?

People act as though slavery was some unspeakable evil.  I mean, even on white nationalist sites – there is no attempt to justify it.

However, though, considering the mindset of the US middle and upper classes, and similar in other nations – is it no wonder slavery happened in the past?  I mean, they pretty much view the poor as thieves and wretches in need of jobs and/or extermination.

OK, let’s say Fox News existed before 1860 – wouldn’t there be social Darwinist arguments flooding it defending slavery?  OK, with Nazi Germany, some years later – but not too far off – we obviously saw a population – more than willing  embrace eugenics, genocide etc..

Who were slaves of the past?

They were generally people captured in war – and that would include African-Americans.  Because they were captured in war – they were viewed as committing a national sin. This justified the sub-human, farm animal, treatment of them!

Well, this attitude is also prevalent even today.  For instance, East Asian peoples are always quick to call foreigners, with no remorse or guilt, as monkeys,  They generally view other people as committing crimes against them – so if they happen to capture any, figuratively speaking – they’re simply doing them a favor – by not killing them!

No, none of this is shocking – so when will it return?

Well, already the elites want to reduce the population – and that would include even Oprah Winfrey!

Slavery to me seems to me as something as natural in humanity as taxes.  It’s only a shock it hasn’t come back – and as mentioned, the underlying justification for it – is all over Facebook memes and comments!

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