But whose paying?

This is a possible remark from most of the cultural and/or economic right.   Well, considering vast tax dollars are spent on welfare and prisons – which, according to the right – are full of racial minorities (Well, are minorities at the moment!) – the argument arises that  their hate movement is justified by finances alone!

Anyway, the poor in the US are often also white – and I suppose much of the right is aware of this.  So you might see them be called lib-tards or wiggers etc.  However, though, they (the right) much want the poor white people to join them, supposedly “man-up” and stop taking welfare – and become racist bigots as themselves – real men, lol.

Anyhow, @Robert Lindsay has stated that there hasn’t been enough time/effort for welfare to work.  Well, let’s debate that in the comment section.  I suppose that could be correct – and the theme of this site is pro-socialist,

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