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I’ve heard so much of him from @Robert Lindsay – but haven’t really checked out his stuff until recently.  Anyway, as with all the devil’s lies – there’s a great deal of truth to a lot of what is said – but a lot – of the opposite!

Obviously, abortion, women’s right’s overkill, and many other things have lead to  a decline in a previously good society.   Nonetheless, a lot of his rambling is just being an asshole.  There’s no sense in fat shaming – unless it’s extreme examples.  Also, what in the hell is wrong with women voting?  I mean, are they going to vote opposite men?   Usually, they’d vote the same it seems like – so if you have a bunch of liberal women, you can count on liberal men being with them.

Anyway, oddly enough, he’s criticized racism – saying that it’s simply a cover for men who don’t wan’t to get their act together – looking for scapegoats – but then again, isn’t the basement losers he’s preaching too – doing the same?

Anyway, as final thought, though I see that the cultural left revolution has been destructive – but didn’t the abuse of some bad apples critical in making it happen?  I mean, all families weren’t Leave It to Beaver!  What do people think?  Actions don’t have opposite reactions?

Oh, guys should get married – but also sleep around?  What kind of thinking is that?  No, married guys don’t score – that I know of!  The whole “fucking around” culture was a product of the cultural left.

Conclusion: Some good thoughts by Roosh – but basically just comedic Maxim Magazine rehashing. 😆

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3 thoughts on “Roosh V”

  1. Bill Maher’s cousin.

    We took him down several notches at Robert’s famous blog which it seems is not coming back.

    Neither does Robert appear on here I assume.

    1. I’ve been ill, sorry. Had a cold for a week. Also still depressed about only half the site getting uploaded. I am trying to figure out how we can get the other half of the site uploaded. In the meantime I feel defeated.

      Also there has been a ton of heavy shit involved. A family member threatened to kill another family member and the threatened one had the threatener arrested.

      The family member who made the threat is mentally ill. Bipolar disorder, 40 years ongoing, never treated, won’t admit they have it. Threatener has been living with threatened for years now and has put them through Hell and high water during these insane manic episodes. I was in court all morning. Then I had a one hour interview with police officer, investigator for the DA’s office.

      Then I got a call from the threatener who has been in jail for six days. Call cost me $45 at least for 11 minutes – could not get them off the phone. You have to pay like $4 a minute even if they call you. It’s complete bullshit. Person in jail leaves voice messages for me. It’s $7 every time I go and retrieve one of them.

      Turns out they have been beaten up three times already, got thrown naked into some psych seclusion hole for 20 hours with a mat to sleep on, got thrown into the showers for another 20 hours with a mat to sleep on, guards, etc. are not helping in any way to say the least, and they are being denied medication that they need. Has to use some other guy’s voice to call me because the machine won’t recognize their voice.

      Never told them about having to put me on a visitors list so when I tried to visit I could not. I should say that this family member typically gets arrested every time he goes into one of these completely insane episodes, and if they are in jail for any length of time, they always get beat up at least once in jail. Not sure what they are doing, but maybe they are provoking the guards in some way. Nurses are totally cold and uncooperative. All they care about is you don’t die on them.

      In court today they got convicted of a felony which is a strike in our insane idiotic 3 strikes law. But they just got sentenced to Behavioral Court, which means they need to be in therapy and on meds. Amazingly the family member agreed to this.

      The guy’s out of his fucking mind. Why beat up a crazy person over and over? They’re fucking crazy. Consider that.

      I have spent six hours in jail and I ain’t going back. I was threatened both times and thrown and bashed around for no reason the other time. If you complain about the cuffs being too tight (they always are) they make them even tighter! For a middle class White guy from the suburbs like me, those six hours were the worst Hell in my life and I ain’t going back there if I can help it. Jail is like Dante’s Inferno. I can only imagine what prison is like.

      I really hate everything about that system. I pretty much hate cops, judges, prosecutors, guards, the insane laws, the bailiffs, the nurses, the docs, the front desk people, probation, parole, jail, prison, the whole nine yards. It’s all a massive pile of shit designed to torture you. If you ever get arrested and thrown in jail you will probably hate cops for the rest of your life.

      I do. I don’t hate all of them – some are fine. But I do hate them as a group, and although there are cool and nice ones, a lot of them are the biggest assholes on Earth. I really prefer not to deal with pigs (which is what I call them) at all. Usually every time you are dealing face to face with a pig, it’s a lousy situation for you. It’s not commonly anything good. You really don’t want to deal with cops at all in this world.

      Yes indeed, my blog is not coming back.

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