Weak Targets – What the Racists Always Seek After

At least it seems like it…

Of course, this is from a Black Identity Politics site – and so much garbage on there – but this one  article is interesting and worth showing – and not an example to diss the site.


Police in Houston, Texas, have arrested a man they say has been targeting African-Americans because his mother is dating a Black man.

Albert Gallegos, 21, is charged with injury to the elderly after brutally attacking a 92-year-old Black man at a METRO bus stop near the Taqueria Reyes restaurant on Jan. 7, local station KHOU 11 reported. Witnesses told police the attack was unprovoked and left the elderly man unconscious.

Another witness said she saw Gallegos hurling large rocks at the man.

An investigator with the Houston METRO Police Department wrote in a probable cause affidavit that Gallegos was “obviously a violent person and has hatred towards African Americans” because his mom is in a relationship with a Black man. A responding officer told the investigator he was “certain” Gallegos was the suspect in the case, after which authorities learned he had a active warrant for assault against a relative.

Come on.  Pick on someone your own size!   But this is normal I think.   Always, they never start fights with the strong.





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