Black Identity Politics

Like the other types, though, of course, the white type isn’t favored by the PC society, it is full of just more garbage about how their group – have always been victimized.   They never do anything wrong – unless, of course, certain blacks reject black identity politics, oh my!! 😆   Well, wasn’t that what Kanye West was doing?   But then again, I’m not saying I like Trump – far from it!  However, it’s cool that all blacks don’t go along with identity politics.

What do blacks do wrong?

  • Their family breakdown is undeniable – leading to massive crime.
  • They bully people in schools and prisons.
  • They’re massively racist – obvious from the above listing
  • They have a baby mentality – even if looking from many socialist perspectives.
  • They’re incredibly homophobic – treating gays the way they resented being treated in the past.
  • They blame whites for way too much – especially the black identity politics people.


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