Rednecks hate child molesters!

OK, this isn’t new news! I mean, Iv’e seen this one meme saying “The Cure for Pedophilia” and it has an open bag of bullets, lol.  OK, another one suggested using pedophiles for medical experiments instead of animals, ha ha!

Well, the problem I have with this thinking is – well, what do they consider a pedo?  Would they skin someone alive for a 17-year old?  How about when some old guy takes on a 15-year-old?  Or is this stuff reserved for actual children – which I can sort of understand – but I feel it’s too harsh.  Well, there could be so much room for false accusation!  I mean, how many guys – some of them even respectable I think – have gotten drunk and then maybe molested someone and not remember?

But anyhow, on the dark side, I remember tales from so many girls when I was a boy – dirty talk. Stuff girls shouldn’t say!  Did they learn that from their molesting dads – usually rednecks? 😆  Oh, what an irony!  OK, so you’re saying you want to kill all child molesters – asshole?

Talk about male privldige!

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