Does the president have to be sensitive?

Well, even though this is an anti-Trump blog – I will give it the benefit of a doubt.  Let’s discuss.  OK, well, I don’t really think the president has to be sensitive.  I mean, a Marine Corps drill sergeant will work just as well – or Andrew Dice Clay.  Well, Trump stole Clay’s act., lol

Anyway, an argument that the president shouldn’t be sensitive might derive from the suspicion it could be fake.  Do you think Obama was fake? Do you think SJWs or common liberals are?

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2 thoughts on “Does the president have to be sensitive?”

  1. Oh Trump is very sensitive. A real cry baby who can dish it but can’t take it.

    We all saw how he was visibly livid when all those comedians were roasting him at a White House Dinner during Obama’s Presidency.

    Ever noticed he only picks on women and effeminate men? That too on Twitter.

    1. He’s trying to pull that “Andrew Dice Clay” “Rodney Dangerfield” act. Note, he doesn’t always pick on women or effeminate men, though – nor does Rodney Dangerfield.. Nonetheless, all this stuff definitely points to the fact that to “put someone like that” in their place – there needs to be a Nemesis – another bully.

      Yeah, Trump for all his tough guy stuff – just isn’t Rodney Dangerfield or Andrew Dice Clay. He’s an elitist wuss. It’s because he’s been rich for too long – most of his life – and somewhere along the line, he didn’t get good parenting.

      Actually, Iv’e seen his type a lot in white nationalist circles. They’re these really wussy punk types – some of them are gay.

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