About Donating Money to Those I Like

Well, the Republicans have a point.  I mean, they’re fed up with freeloaders – and well, probably a lot of democrats are also.   I mean, I would love to donate to someone doing something for me – but I don’t like giving to people who do nothing.  Well, the 2nd group often brings up that they’re down and out.  OK, well, we all fall on hard times – but honestly, they won’t do nothing for your charity or maybe they do something – but it’s with a real reluctant, resentful attitude. – or maybe they do something but it isn’t beans!

OK, in some posts, Iv’e been kind of critical on rednecks, but I’d say a lot of their frustration comes from freeloaders – but that’s not saying working people can have an annoying pride/chip on the shoulder also.  I can’t describe that – but you probably know it when you see it.  It’s kind of like on Scarface where Tony Montana’s wife (Michelle Pheiffer) commented “Someone should have given you what you have – you’d be a nicer person.” 😆


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