How to beat Trump the Bully? Get another Bully.

Sound right to me!  That seems how it is in most superhero comics.

Michael Avenatti believes the only way to beat a bully is to be one.

Later, over lunch at the Manhattan restaurant Michael’s, Avenatti was asked if he considered himself a bully. He didn’t try to whitewash it. “Look, I can be aggressive at times,” he says. “I didn’t get to where I am by being a pushover, O.K.?”

But like Trump, he prides himself on finishing fights other people start. “I don’t generally go after people offensively,” Avenatti says, “but if somebody comes after me, I will absolutely meet them every step of the way and then some, no question.”

A run for President would thrust Avenatti into the middle of the party’s identity crisis. The Democrats have not been this powerless since the 1920s, and their members have responded by nominating a historic number of women and people of color for office.

But when it comes to the party’s presidential nominee in 2020, Avenatti thinks in different terms.

“I think it better be a white male,” he says. He hastens to add that he wishes it weren’t so, but it’s undeniable that people listen to white men more than they do others; it’s why he’s been successful representing Daniels and immigrant mothers, he says. “When you have a white male making the arguments, they carry more weight,” he says. “Should they carry more weight? Absolutely not. But do they? Yes.”

Yeah, let’s hold off on the diversity stuff – until at least the nation is more civilized.

Beneath the pugnacious persona, Avenatti’s own political instincts are rather conventional. He’s for Medicare for all but against abolishing ICE, and fears Democrats are overreaching on immigration. In his speeches, he advocates secure borders and calls on Democrats to woo back Midwestern white men.

His platform’s major plank, he says, would be a massive government-funded infrastructure push. “You can’t go into Youngstown, Ohio, and tell everybody they’re going to be retrained and go work for Google or Apple,” he says. But he was vague on the details, like whether he would raise taxes to pay for it. “I’m not afraid to say I don’t know yet,” he demurs.

Sounds like a good platform to me.

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4 thoughts on “How to beat Trump the Bully? Get another Bully.”

  1. I think my all-time favorite US President was Bill Clinton. Despite his personal flaws of a sexual nature (which I’m more than willing to overlook), I remember his gentle smile, easygoing manners and ability to get as long with other world leaders. He was super kewl and had am irresistible charm. I remember Bill’s 2000 visit to India as a lame duck President, he was able to captivate the audience with his affable humor, and genuine understanding.

    How on Earth is Donald Trump even expected to fill those shoes. It’s a cartoonish evil clown hell bent on violating all that is good and sacred. A downright negative personality filled with negative energy.

    Hillary is nowhere near as good as Bill though.

    1. Perfect post. You summed up Bill and Donald very well. He is a ball of hate, rage, negativity, meanness, and cruelty isn’t he? He’s no fun!

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