Is Trump Secretly Gay?

Isn’t it odd the machos all like him? Well, I could see he was a fruitcake by the way he condemned some protests (pro-Trump) after his election. He was saying “Well, Stop it!” like some cross between Dr. Evil and an Old Grandmother. 😆

It’s a speculation but aside from Donald Trump’s behavior of:

  • Decorating with obsessive gold that would out shine Liberace’s decor
  • The need to overachieve..overcompensate
and overachieve masculine traits
  • Intimidating tactics as learned by his mentor for 13 years Roy Cohn, a famous homosexual known for being the Chief Counsel for Sen. McCarthy during the McCarthy hearings and for intimidating and firing  scores of gay men from government positions.
  • Vanity – makeup, coiffed hair, orange makeup
  • Wanting to be “one of the girls” by buying Miss Universe and crashing the dressing room
  • Over-masculating by appointing the most anti-gay friendly Governor as his Vice-President running mate – Mike Pence.

There is one particular hand gesture that stands out from the rest.  The pinky pointing finger.


Pinky Pointer

The finger gesture is not a typical gesture. The finger goes up in an admonishing point, the middle fingers are clenched, and the pinky takes a stressed backward position. The gesture is not easy to accomplish and can be both aggressive and defiant in nature.

The hand gesture is not an open polite “Wait a moment” pointer, a Pontifical “Bless you” pointer or even a “Taxi, Taxi” pointer. The  gesture begs to be given a twirl and a defiant snap. And well, it’s prissy and not even a Presidential prissy.

History will only show if speculations about Donald Trump are true, as you should never judge a book by its cover or even a single hand gesture, but I believe this hand gesture is mighty interesting. Think what you will.

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One thought on “Is Trump Secretly Gay?”

  1. Trump is probably suffering from an STD.

    Hey Robert, congratulations on this new domain. Did we finally break free from WordPress?

    How about you also putting up your handsome photo on the masthead?

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