Is Parts of America Full of Poop?

@Robert Lindsay was making this accusation of India in many posts. However, it could be said America has many cities like that – and that these cities are left-leaning (Robert is, at the least, economically liberal). OK, can Robert makes sense of this mess? How do you view it?

Human waste is everywhere in San Francisco. It’s a byproduct of the city’s large homeless population — almost 1 percent of the citizenry is homeless. The increasing amount of homeless people is the result of a lack of housing — and what houses there are can be shockingly expensive.

Tent cities are scattered throughout even the toniest of neighborhoods in San Francisco. Another reason the city has so many homeless people is because San Francisco is a minimally brutal place to be homeless. It doesn’t freeze or get super hot, so you can be outside all the time. Plus there are plenty of social services available for the homeless. The city of San Francisco takes pride in letting all her people live with dignity.

But that doesn’t mean that the homeless have a place to shit with dignity. In homeless encampments — which can be found on city sidewalks; under bridges; in local, state, and national parks; and on the side of the highway — residents will often use a bucket to do their business. Of course, these are prone to spilling out into public walkways.

Sometimes there’s no bucket or no open Starbucks, leaving alleyways and sidewalks to become the dumping ground. The San Francisco Department of Public Works has a $60 million a year budget line just for street cleanups; half of it goes towards cleaning up human feces, needles, and other trash caused by homelessness.

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