Who Is the Me-Too Movement About?

The owner of the blog might disagree – but I don’t really think it’s about average Joes. It’s only about the rich privileged types. In fact, I don’t really see a situation where radical feminists are going to drag anyone below a Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey into this.

I mean, feminists would have to change laws. It would have to be something beyond some tattle-tale thing on the rich. I just don’t see it happening.

But should average Joes side with the rich?  That’s up for debate, but I really think a lot of the rich are spoiled – and that’s the biggest problem.

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3 thoughts on “Who Is the Me-Too Movement About?”

  1. The modern Left has an unfortunate tendency to ignore class and to see only race, gender and sexual orientation. If the young Kavanaugh forced himself on the young Ford, then that was a gender issue. Both he and she belong to the same class and the same race. It was not a racial or a class issue.

    On the other hand, when a boss takes sexual advantage of his secretary, or when a movie producer sexually exploits aspiring actresses, then it is a class issue. A member of a more powerful class takes advantage of a member of a weaker class.

    The vast majority of men are heterosexual, so the sexual exploitation of subordinates by superiors occurs mainly between men and women, but there is also homosexual exploitation.

    For instance, a Dutch theater director had to resign not so long ago because he demanded of male actors seeking a role that they be interviewed in the nude and play with themselves. Had that man been heterosexual, he would have made similar demands on female actors.

    1. Dr. Drew essentially said he hoped the victims weren’t Black when news of the Sandusky scandal broke.

      Read about half of Weinstein’s nearly 100 accusers accusations. He forcefully ate pussy and jerked off a lot, typical lesbian. He did rape some women but he failed many attempts. Kinda pathetic to be given a hotel room #key and fail the mission. Jason Bourne he is not. Maybe his success stories are more A-listers with awards. A local theater guy was similar but on a much smaller scale.

      Take something powerless and give it power, you’ll often end up with a monster.

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