Some Haters Speaking of Robert’s Banned Blog

Wow. Has anybody else seen that his blog has been deleted by WordPress for supposedly “violating terms of service”? Does anybody know when this happened? Or why?

Edit: I can see in Google cache that his last post was October 10th so this is really recent. That was an anti-Kavanaugh rant entitled something like You Go Girl. I doubt that was the cause of his site being shut down.

Tonight I also found out that Isabel Celis’ killer has been caught and it wasn’t the dad. This gives me hope that the Delphi bridge guy will also be caught someday.

Some put-downs here!  😆

Well, one person said above he’s saying WordPress is refusing to say why they did it, but I bet they did, but he didn’t like what they said, so he’s telling anyone who will listen that they’re ignoring him, and anyone dumb enough to believe him will buy into the conspiracy and maybe even be dumb enough to donate money to a gofund me I can see him making or whatever new ploy he has to get money.

Maybe he should spend as much time as he does making lies and conspiracy theories looking up how to fix his car and doing it himself. He will do anything to scam others to support themselves! How about he gets an honest, full time job like the rest of us?

A reply:

u/Evangitron, I’m not too sure a guy like that could even fix his car! I know how to change my oil, maintain my fluids, and change a flat. I bet he doesn’t have a clue where the oil even goes or how to even check it. He probably put the oil where the windshield wiper fluid goes, and the engine seized up on him!

I can just picture him trying to put air in his tires. He’s the dude who can only go to “full serve” stations to get gas and would run out and get stranded on the side of the road before he found one!!! Haha!!

I think that he should probably just continue riding the 3- wheeled bicycle that he inherited from his Grandmother.

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