Is Bill Maher an Asshole?

He embodies the white men who believe that if other people are given a fair chance something is being taken from them, yet believe they are liberal because they have a black friend.

Is that type familiar to anyone?  Just kidding @Robert Lindsay 😆

No matter how much people like to hold him up, he’s just a racist, sexist, Islamophobic, dick who thinks he’s smarter than you.

Yikes !!!

OK, well I like Bill Maher – but definitely he’s a condescending liberal – but – to his massive credit – he’s way less so than others.   For instance, when people wanted to ban Rush Limbaugh, he said  that was a horrible idea!  His thinking is that free speech should be allowed – even if he doesn’t like it.   He doesn’t see how squashing it will help his cause or is moral.

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6 thoughts on “Is Bill Maher an Asshole?”

  1. Bill Maher has the audacity to talk about Midwesterner’s lifestyle? Seriously. This guy is a pencil neck pinhead. What would this Hollywood liberal know about real life or a real job. He hasn’t been funny in 20+ years and has to constantly remind people he’s still alive to make himself relavent. And Mr. Maher—FYI, I’m from the Midwest and hold a doctorate, not a worthless BA in political science. You think you know more than mid- westerners? Prove it, because nothing I’ve seen from you indicates you have a single functioning brain cell or any common sense, just a really (deep) brown nose.

    1. He hurts the liberal cause more than helps – because he simply reinforces negative stereotypes about liberals – mainly the ones relating to “know-it-all” smart-ass, elitist stuff.

      OK, the goal of liberals should be to “convert” more people – well, at least, the more moderate red-staters – but Bill Maher is certainly – not helping!

      Oddly enough, though, the fool says this in his last comedy routine (something like it): “Liberals need to tone down on the “snowflake” stuff to get red state votes.” Well, that’s true – but also the “smart-ass” stuff needs to be tuned down.

  2. I hate how he laughs at his own jokes.
    I hate how islamphobic he is but apparently, likes to side with anti-racists. He’s that white dude with one close black friend (he probably has no real friends) and will not stop bragging about his egalitarian outlook.
    I hate his sneering face looking down on everyone else as dumb.
    I hate how opinionated he sounds. On everything.
    I hate how misogynistic he really is but not in an ‘Alpha male’ sort of way. He just likes to diss women for lacking intelligence. But not much of a man himself. He couldn’t attract women with his million dollar earnings every month, and probably spends a fortune on strip shows and lap dances.

    Yes, Bill Maher is an entitled frustrated asshole. Anyone who watches him on TV is suffering from mental issues.

    1. Well, there’s an audience for his stuff – or he wouldn’t be rich. Anyway, his brand of “white-liberal identity politics” is as annoying as the others. I mean, don’t rednecks sound like assholes? How about certain blacks screaming every other second about stuff that happened 80 to 500 years ago?

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