2 thoughts on “Savage Wars/Instability in Africa – Not from IQ Surprisingly”

  1. Among the Chinese under 40, there are now 120 men for every 100 women. The normal ratio is about 105 to 100 because more boys than girls are born.

    However, according to some experts on China, the ratio of men to women was also much higher than 105/100 in imperial China. If they are right, China has returned to its past. As far as I know, the generation born under Mao had a normal ratio of men to women.

    A large number of bachelors was not that uncommon in Europe in earlier centuries, but there were an equal number of unmarried women. In 19th-century Sweden, about 25% of the population remained unmarried.

    1. Some are arguing that this dynamic in Africa is the same in America – with all the Chads taking all the women. Do you feel that thinking is dumb or not? If it’s true – how is that affecting society? Apparently, some people (normally Alt-Right) feel like this cultural thing is victimizing young males – causing their sexual problems. In other words, it isn’t the male’s laziness causing his failure.

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