India rules sex with child bride is rape

Well, on this blog – there is a lot of hostility to social justice – so is this a victory for humanity – or feminist cunts?  OK, I haven’t made up my mind totally.

India’s top court has ruled that sex with a child is always rape, quashing a clause that allowed men to have sex with underage girls if they were married to them.

The Supreme Court’s landmark decision on Wednesday closed a legal loophole that has historically allowed perpetrators of rape to escape punishment.

While the age of consent in India is 18, there was a clause in India’s rape laws that lowered the age of consent to 15 if the girl was married.

But the court has now ruled that the clause is “discriminatory, capricious, and arbitrary”, and “violates the bodily integrity of the girl child”.

Jury Awards 60-Year-Old Dishwasher 21 Million

Seems a bit much!  Is it because she’s black?  You know are society is biased to help them (sarcastic maybe)   Anyway, good for her !!

Low-Down on the Protests with the Native American

His explanation comes after a video clip passed around social media showing him standing and smiling in front of a Native American protester as some of his Catholic high school peers in the background jeer. Several of the students in the video are wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Reports about the video prompted the Diocese of Covington to condemn the students and apologize for their behavior.

Sandmann in the letter wrote that he was “singled out” and approached by the Native American man, who has been identified as Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder.

Phillips gave a contradictory account to The Washington Post, saying “that guy in the hat stood in my way and we were at an impasse.”

“It was getting ugly, and I was thinking: ‘I’ve got to find myself an exit out of this situation and finish my song at the Lincoln Memorial,’ ” Phillips told The Washington Post. “I started going that way, and that guy in the hat stood in my way and we were at an impasse. He just blocked my way and wouldn’t allow me to retreat.”

Some public figures and lawmakers have weighed in on the viral video, with many claiming the students were racist and disrespectful.

Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) condemned the group of students for displaying “blatant hate, disrespect, and intolerance.”

Another explanation:

Multiple outlets have written up comments from Sandmann’s mother after she blamed the incident on a group of “black Muslims.”

Sandmann in the letter wrote that the confrontation began when a group of African-American protesters started hassling the group of students wearing “MAGA” hats.

“When we arrived, we noticed four African American protestors who were also on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial,” Sandmann wrote. “The protestors said hateful things. They called us ‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘white crackers,’ ‘faggots’ and ‘incest kids.’ ” He wrote that the students responded with a school chant of their own.

Then, Sandmann said, the Native American protesters approached the group of Covington high school students.

Of course, spewing bigoted hate to counter hate won’t solve the problem as MLK said (This is MLK day today!).

Oh, wait, these were black muslims saying this.  OK, they’re racists.  Nonetheless, they were calling the KY kids racist.  Well, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black!

Increased School Bullying Right after Trump’s Election

And probably continuing until now. Is that not shocking?   Well, anyway, hate was going on the upswing when Obama was president – but maybe it was just noticed less at the time.

“Is it okay to burn Jews?”

This was the question Hillary Tulley, a public-school science teacher in Skokie, Illinois, recently overheard students in her ninth-grade science class discussing. One student apparently thought that Jews deserve to burn; the other two disagreed. “I’ve been a teacher for 24 years,” Tulley says, “and I’ve never heard that kind of talk before.”

Some 2,000 miles away in a white suburban community in Washington State, Kyrian Smith caught her sixth-grade students engaging in similarly hate-filled speech, although in this instance they chose to target Muslims and students of color.

“White students said in class that they were scared of brown people and thought all Muslims should be removed from the country,” she says. “The two Muslim students were bullied and called ISIS fighters. My black students were being called n-words.” As one of two black children at her own school when she was growing up, Smith says she knew what the targeted kids were experiencing.

Meanwhile, back East, even proudly liberal enclaves like Newton, Massachusetts, have been convulsed by bias eruptions. Michael Zilles, president of the Newton Teachers Association, says the district’s schools have been rocked by instances of anti-Semitic graffiti, bigoted comments directed to an African-American student group, and a Confederate Flag – “here in Massachusetts!”

“We have had more racial incidents in the last 12 months than there have been in years,” he says.

Across the country, educators are reporting a disturbing surge in hate-laced bullying among students of all ages, from the youngest elementary-school tykes to the most jaded high-school seniors. While bullying has a long and sordid history in American classrooms, the current surge is notable both for the similarity of its targets – Muslim students, immigrants and children of immigrants, children of color, girls, Jews – and the language used against them.

And educators have developed a strong theory as to the cause: Donald Trump and the degraded discourse of this election season.

“It’s something I’ve just started to notice lately, and I think that occurs in part because of what they’re hearing in their homes, on TV, and from Trump,” says Richard Peacock, a writing instructor in Orlando, Florida, who has seen an increase in expressions of bias against immigrants, Latinos, and Muslims in some of his students’ essays. “They’ll treat Americans of Latino descent as immigrants even when they’re not, or conflate Puerto Ricans with Mexicans, or express the idea that all Muslims are radicals,” he says.

Really Wimpy Men – And Not Gay – And Even Seen As Cool and Straight

I’m not a great defender of misogyny and the manosphere – maybe not like Robert is – but I have to make a comment on how men have become so childish in the past 20 years – that it’s impossible to ignore!   gone.html

Single men have never been civilization’s most responsible actors; they continue to be more troubled and less successful than men who deliberately choose to become husbands and fathers. So we can be disgusted if some of them continue to live in rooms decorated with “Star Wars” posters and crushed beer cans and to treat women like disposable estrogen toys, but we shouldn’t be surprised.

Relatively affluent, free of family responsibilities, and entertained by an array of media devoted to his every pleasure, the single young man can live in pig heaven – and often does. Women put up with him for a while, but then in fear and disgust either give up on any idea of a husband and kids or just go to a sperm bank and get the DNA without the troublesome man. But these rational choices on the part of women only serve to legitimize men’s attachment to the sand box. Why should they grow up? No one needs them anyway. There’s nothing they have to do.

They might as well just have another beer

The Star Wars remark is classic:

So we can be disgusted if some of them continue to live in rooms decorated with “Star Wars” posters and crushed beer cans and to treat women like disposable estrogen toys, but we shouldn’t be surprised.

Get real guys, is there no shame in putting an end to childhood? 😆   But I would say this dumb idea of getting an advanced education – something which some can get done quickly – but others use as an excuse to prolong adolescence – is a lot to blame.

OK, well Michael Savage was commenting on this – and while I think he’s an overly misogynist (among other things) pig – he’s sadly right on the issue.

The Rich Just Dodge Taxes

The right-wing often makes the – often true observation – that the rich simply use lawyers etc. to get out of taxes – and, in fact, some popular rock bands have simply left the country (The Rolling Stones being one.).  In fact, the Beatles song “Tax Man” was probably just them bitching about having to pay their “fair share”.

Anyway, how can the left possibly claim their views as the best way – when they cannot force the rich to comply – the very people they want to tax the most?

In the ‘70s and ’80s many rockers, at least temporarily, encamped to tax havens around the world. David Bowie and Marc Bolan moved to Switzerland; Cat Stevens to Brazil; and Rod Stewart and Bad Company to California. Ringo Starr moved to Monte Carlo in 1975; in an interview, he told Howard Stern he pays “zero taxes.”Even the Police‘s frontman Sting, who sang, “I don’t wanna be no tax exile” in 1978’s “Dead End Job,” left for Ireland two years later.

Today, musicians set up their bands as corporations in tax havens like the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the British Virgin Islands. “They hire financial advisers to find pathways through the international tax system to escape tax,” says Shaxson. “At the end of the day, it’s usually about finding loopholes.”

Is Parts of America Full of Poop?

@Robert Lindsay was making this accusation of India in many posts. However, it could be said America has many cities like that – and that these cities are left-leaning (Robert is, at the least, economically liberal). OK, can Robert makes sense of this mess? How do you view it?

Human waste is everywhere in San Francisco. It’s a byproduct of the city’s large homeless population — almost 1 percent of the citizenry is homeless. The increasing amount of homeless people is the result of a lack of housing — and what houses there are can be shockingly expensive.

Tent cities are scattered throughout even the toniest of neighborhoods in San Francisco. Another reason the city has so many homeless people is because San Francisco is a minimally brutal place to be homeless. It doesn’t freeze or get super hot, so you can be outside all the time. Plus there are plenty of social services available for the homeless. The city of San Francisco takes pride in letting all her people live with dignity.

But that doesn’t mean that the homeless have a place to shit with dignity. In homeless encampments — which can be found on city sidewalks; under bridges; in local, state, and national parks; and on the side of the highway — residents will often use a bucket to do their business. Of course, these are prone to spilling out into public walkways.

Sometimes there’s no bucket or no open Starbucks, leaving alleyways and sidewalks to become the dumping ground. The San Francisco Department of Public Works has a $60 million a year budget line just for street cleanups; half of it goes towards cleaning up human feces, needles, and other trash caused by homelessness.

The Alt-Right Is Just Fun!

No, they’re just sociopathic bullies.  See how, as usual, they harass anyone who is weak enough. But that’s not saying, Black racists don’t do the same – we saw an example, as noted in another post (on this blog), how they harassed a 9-year-old Black girl – to suicide – for just having one White friend!

A self-described White supremacist who harassed Vermont state lawmaker Ruqaiyah “Kiah” Morris with so many racist messages that she resigned her post last fall showed up at a press conference on Monday where she was speaking about that harassment.

His arrival immediately sparked objections from other attendees.

“No, no, no, no,” one woman can be heard saying in video of the press conference shared by the Burlington Free Press.

“Out, out, OUT!” another shouted.

“Why is this allowed?” someone repeatedly asked.

Local news reporters identified the harasser, Max Misch, when he arrived near the end of the event. He was wearing a black T-shirt decorated with Pepe the Frog, a cartoon that has been co-opted as a symbol of racism.

Morris, a Democrat who represented Bennington, spoke about the online abuse and threats she endured for two years as the state’s only Black female lawmaker. She was joined at the press conference by her husband, James Lawton; law enforcement officials; and Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan.

Morris had been answering a question when she noticed Misch, stopped speaking and stepped back. Donovan then took over the lectern.

In protest, some people in attendance held up their coats to block Misch from view.

Some Haters Speaking of Robert’s Banned Blog

Wow. Has anybody else seen that his blog has been deleted by WordPress for supposedly “violating terms of service”? Does anybody know when this happened? Or why?

Edit: I can see in Google cache that his last post was October 10th so this is really recent. That was an anti-Kavanaugh rant entitled something like You Go Girl. I doubt that was the cause of his site being shut down.

Tonight I also found out that Isabel Celis’ killer has been caught and it wasn’t the dad. This gives me hope that the Delphi bridge guy will also be caught someday.

Some put-downs here!  😆

Well, one person said above he’s saying WordPress is refusing to say why they did it, but I bet they did, but he didn’t like what they said, so he’s telling anyone who will listen that they’re ignoring him, and anyone dumb enough to believe him will buy into the conspiracy and maybe even be dumb enough to donate money to a gofund me I can see him making or whatever new ploy he has to get money.

Maybe he should spend as much time as he does making lies and conspiracy theories looking up how to fix his car and doing it himself. He will do anything to scam others to support themselves! How about he gets an honest, full time job like the rest of us?

A reply:

u/Evangitron, I’m not too sure a guy like that could even fix his car! I know how to change my oil, maintain my fluids, and change a flat. I bet he doesn’t have a clue where the oil even goes or how to even check it. He probably put the oil where the windshield wiper fluid goes, and the engine seized up on him!

I can just picture him trying to put air in his tires. He’s the dude who can only go to “full serve” stations to get gas and would run out and get stranded on the side of the road before he found one!!! Haha!!

I think that he should probably just continue riding the 3- wheeled bicycle that he inherited from his Grandmother.

Who Is the Me-Too Movement About?

The owner of the blog might disagree – but I don’t really think it’s about average Joes. It’s only about the rich privileged types. In fact, I don’t really see a situation where radical feminists are going to drag anyone below a Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey into this.

I mean, feminists would have to change laws. It would have to be something beyond some tattle-tale thing on the rich. I just don’t see it happening.

But should average Joes side with the rich?  That’s up for debate, but I really think a lot of the rich are spoiled – and that’s the biggest problem.

Does Communism = welfare?

No, not really.  According to those who actually lived in such nations – people had to work, if they didn’t work, they went to a labor camp.  Doesn’t sound free to me! I mean, unless they regulated some people to really easy jobs.

OK, how would the current mess (sarcasm) of welfare recipients – hated so much by conservatives (of all types) – do in a communist nation – you know, considering liberals are called commies (or pre-teen girls)  so much?  Well, not so well.

Feel free to discuss:  

Is Bill Maher an Asshole?

He embodies the white men who believe that if other people are given a fair chance something is being taken from them, yet believe they are liberal because they have a black friend.

Is that type familiar to anyone?  Just kidding @Robert Lindsay 😆

No matter how much people like to hold him up, he’s just a racist, sexist, Islamophobic, dick who thinks he’s smarter than you.

Yikes !!!

OK, well I like Bill Maher – but definitely he’s a condescending liberal – but – to his massive credit – he’s way less so than others.   For instance, when people wanted to ban Rush Limbaugh, he said  that was a horrible idea!  His thinking is that free speech should be allowed – even if he doesn’t like it.   He doesn’t see how squashing it will help his cause or is moral.

Author Stephen King on Trump


He was years ahead of his time in seeing this phenomenon:

I had written about such men before. In The Dead Zone, Greg Stillson is a door-to-door Bible salesman with a gift of gab, a ready wit, and the common touch. He is laughed at when he runs for mayor in his small New England town, but he wins.

He is laughed at when he runs for the House of Representatives (part of his platform is a promise to rocket America’s trash into outer space), but he wins again. When Johnny Smith, the novel’s precognitive hero, shakes his hand, he realizes that some day Stillson is going to laugh and joke his way into the White House, where he will start World War Three.

Anyone see/read that one?

…started thinking Donald Trump might win the presidency in September of 2016. By the end of October, I was almost sure. Thus, when the election night upset happened, I was dismayed but not particularly surprised. I didn’t even think it was much of an upset, in spite of the Huffington Post aggregate poll, which gave Hillary Clinton a 9

Some of my belief arose from the signage I was seeing. I’m from northern New England, and in the run-up to the election I saw hundreds of Trump-Pence signs and bumper stickers but almost none for Clinton-Kaine.

To me this didn’t mean there were no Clinton supporters in the houses I passed or the cars ahead of me on Route 302; what it did seem to mean was that the Clinton supporters weren’t particularly invested. This was not the case with the Trump people, who tended to have billboard-sized signage in their yards and sometimes two stickers on their cars (TRUMP-PENCE on the left; HILLARY IS A CRIMINAL on the right).

Brexit also troubled me. Most of the commentators brushed its importance aside, saying that the issue of whether or not Britain should leave the EU was very different from that of who should become the American president, and besides, British and American voters were very different animals.

I agreed with neither assessment, because there was a vibe in the air during most of 2016, a feeling that people were both frightened of the status quo and sick of it. Voters saw a vast and overloaded apple cart lumbering past them. They wanted to upset the motherfucker and would worry about picking up those spilled apples later. Or just leave them to rot.

Clinton voters were convinced she’d win, even if they saw her as a ho-hum candidate at best. Many did not even bother going to the polls, which was a large (and largely unstated) factor in her loss. Trump voters, on the other hand, could not wait to pull those levers. They didn’t just want change; they wanted a man on horseback. Trump filled the bill.

$60,500 for Meaningless Numbers

The top domain name sale of the day was selling for $60,500.00 at GoDaddy.

Robert is quite cynical about capitalism so I wonder what his take on this.  Anyway, I suppose it’s like that thing with expensive paintings.

OK, what justifies this value?  Well, me being experienced in this stuff – I’d say nothing! 😆  Well, it’s 18 years old.  Oh, wait, 18 is a good number hee hee.

9-Year-Old Black Bullied to Death – by Blacks – for One White Friend

Yep, you heard it!  One white friend.  Not five, not even two. 😆  And this wasn’t even the dreaded middle school hell yet!

So when will the black community be accountable for racism – they accuse ONLY whites of having?


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