The Lesser of Two Evils

This could be applied to both personal and international matters.

OK, in regards to the US, it has been known it has backed murderous right-wing dictators because it was the lesser of two evils. OK, among a person’s life, we often have to choose between poop and piss so we choose the less dangerous psychos among us!

Anyway, a lot of people don’t care for this doctrine. I mean, tons of anti-American youth overseas, regardless of left/right affiliation were often appalled at US policy – not seeing it as the lesser of two evils and some who are leftist simply want the left guys in power.

So, how do you readers feel about it? Should we just say, if something seems to be bad – then why not turn it all down? Is that even a feasible choice?

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10 thoughts on “The Lesser of Two Evils”

  1. What makes you think that Operation Ajax, Operation PBSUCCESS, or the Contra affair were in fact the lesser of two evils? In all three cases, the CIA deposed or tried to depose a democratically elected left-leaning government.

    As far as I can tell, the motivation for these operations was to protect British or American corporations from popular governments who threatened or planned to nationalize their assets; they wanted to keep colonial trophies and slave plantations.

    The results remain with us today; Iran is a theocratic siege state, Guatemala and Nicaragua are some of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.

    In these three cases at least, it doesn’t seem at all clear that the people of Iran, Guatemala, or Nicaragua would have become slaves to communist dictators as they did in Russia and China; maybe they would have invested income from seized foreign assets into much-needed education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

    People are right to criticize US foreign policy; if the Americans had been more virtuous and less rapacious, the world would be a better place to live.

    1. Pinochet is the lesser of two evils to extreme conservatives – while Castro is the lesser of two evils for extreme liberals. I guess it’s subjective.

    2. 98 IQ to even get in in the first place. Letting in millions of dumber people to crash your country’s IQ score has to be one the stupidest things a country could do.

      But this is exactly what the Democrats are doing. Furthermore they want to grant them all citizenship so they vote them into power and turn America into as one-party fascist state. This is one of the main reasons I vote Republican despite the abject stupidity of some Republican policies and their feckless politicians.

      DNC might as well be the National Socialist party. Democrats push for socialist policies like health care and workers rights and push Identity Politics. Republicans are only half fascist because the other half is idiotic libertarian fantasy. There is an inverse correlation between racial average IQ and abortion rates. No wonder Democrats push for abortion. It’s eugenic! Nazis.

      Democrats are accused of being communist by rightwingers. But in reality Democrats are are the biggest fascists of them all. White liberals are mostly neoliberal NIMBY fascists who are simply using low-IQ minorities to keep themselves in power.

      All the diversity recruiting initiatives are a farce. Trust me, I work in a STEM field and 80% off my coworkers are White, probably all liberals. The rest are high IQ Asians or Hispanics. Most diversity recruits get the not-so-great jobs with inflated titles. Affirmative action is designed to keep Whites in elite colleges so that the student body doesn’t all become 80% East Asian.

      The defund the police movement is a ploy to wrestle control of law enforcement from conservatives and replace them with Democrat-voting minorities who may even be more brutal in how they deal with their own.

      There is one huge problem with all of this. In the short term importing minorities will help keep the “Left” in power, but in the long run it’s suicidal. Republicans are masochists by voting against workers’ rights, but it’s better to cut off your own arm than to poison yourself.

      But guess what, Robert? Democrats don’t care! You are correct in your prior observation that a America has been transformed (read: deformed) into a Latin American fascist banana republic, but it wasn’t the Republicans who did it, though maybe they helped. Now, if Latin American countries are an example for Democrats to follow, it’s not hard to maintain a rightwing neoliberal corrupt government in places there. Venezuela and Cuba are the exception.

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