Pop White Nationalism

I will call it this to distinguish it from the hardcore type that wants a full fledged fascist US on the lines of the antebellum South, Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa.

Anyway, the fact remains that Americans don’t want real white nationalism. They’re rather have a sort of sissy version a long the lines of Fox News or something. But anyway, that doesn’t bother me cause I hate white nationalism.

So Trump lately is answering more to the call of the pop stuff – revealing himself to be more like Reagan than anybody else. Well, he’s too insensitive to be like the two Bushes (I mean, strictly from a non-war POV.). (Come on, to W. Bush’s credit he tried to end AIDS in Africa!)

What is Trump considered about? He’s considered about money – which is no shock. He’s not interested in white nationalism, a movement that sort of wants extreme preference, maybe even socialism for white people. Anyway, Trump was willing to adopt a hardcore stance on immigration – but it wasn’t enough for white nationalists and also he cannot enforce it. He can’t enforce it because we live in a democracy and the voters partially rejected it.

Don’t you all see how democracy and white supremacy are incompatible? That’s why Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa were highly un-democratic.

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8 thoughts on “Pop White Nationalism”

  1. South African was a democracy for Whites. There is no doubt that a majority of white voters in SA supported apartheid, at least in some form, just as a majority of Southern Whites used to support segregation.

    Of course, as Whites become a smaller and smaller share of the population, it becomes harder and harder to find majority support for White nationalism.

    If whites are 90% of the population, only 57% of Whites need to support White nationalism for White nationalism to have overall majority support.

    When the White share of the population drops to 70%, then 74% of the Whites will have to support White nationalism for White nationalism to enjoy the support of the majority of the total population.

    Time is working against White nationalism. Also, American White nationalists share the American stupidity of hypodescent. They disqualify anyone who is not a pure white from the white family.

    It would be easier for them to gain majority support if they thought in terms of light-skinned versus dark-skinned. Why would a person with 3 white grandparents not be willing to join the family of the light-skinned.

    Sometimes you have to be willing to accept the impure in the interest of the cause. Insistence on purity in politics, whether racial or ideological, may guarantee your marginalization forever.

    1. Well, the pure “bullying of the impure” simply creates more enemies. In fact, a lot of whites – maybe labeled race traitors or cucks etc. are simply whites “bullied out of the family” – so to speak.

      But that’s not saying I like white nationalism, but I’m just pointing out a fact.

      1. Yeah the WN’s go completely insane if you talk about what they call the off-Whites. Most of them call them mongrels. They really get mad if you suggest Arabs and Berbers are White. Sends them up the wall.

        I started a fake movement called Caucasian Nationalism just to fuck with the WN’s. I think most of them got the joke. There is actually Pan-Aryanism that allows in Armenians, Georgians, Iranians, the people of the Caucasus, and what they call White Arabs, White Turks and White Berbers, which is a lot of all of three.

        They’re Nazi monsters like the rest of them, but I respect them for opening up their minds a bit on this question at least. I figure the fewer people you hate in life, the better, and the Pan-Aryanists hate fewer people than most WN’s.

        There was a big controversy on Stormfront when they threw out 300 Armenians as non-Whites. They let them back in after a while. They were supposed to keep the Iranians out as non-Whites, but it never got enforced, and Stormfront is full of WN Iranians.

        However, in the Latin America section they let you in if you are 75-85% White because that is about the boundary in Latin America. The Latin American Whites are not purists at all, but a lot of hardcore WN’s don’t want to let any of them in on the basis that they are mongrels.

        Another problem with WN’s is the majority of them are Noridicists, and they think the Nords are superior to Meds. They will never form a White state with those swarthy Meds. They hate them too much and they would have to mingle their precious Nord genes with the polluted genes of the Meds. However, many Meds are WN’s.

    2. Hi James. Please capitalize white as in White race. We Whites are a great race. We deserve a capital letter.

      1. Capitalization is rather arbitrary.

        English: Paul is an American, Catholic man. He was born on a Friday in May.

        Dutch: Paul is een Amerikaanse, katholieke man. Hij werd op een vrijdag in mei geboren.

        German: Paul ist ein amerikanischer, katholischer Mann. Er wurde an einem Freitag im Mai geboren.

        Port.: Paulo é um homem americano e católico. Ele nasceu numa sexta-feira em maio.

        1. I know it’s not a rule in English. It’s just the way I prefer to do things on this site if you don’t mind. It’s just a personal fetish of mine if you will.

    3. James, please work out the math for 64% because I think that is where we are at in terms of Whites right now.

      1. If Whites are 64% of the population, then almost 80% of Whites will have to support White nationalism for White nationalism to enjoy the support of the majority of the total population. It is a lost cause.

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