Las Vegas Odds of Trump Out

I say pretty high. I mean, it might even be worth it to make a bet. OK, why I say this? Well, Cohen, his former lawyer, was pretty much convicted on doing Trump’s dirty work – so next in line – would be Trump himself!

Anyway, Trump was never a good candidate – simply running on name recognition – and if he hadn’t paid hush money to those porn stars, well, he couldn’t have gotten elected! Well, maybe not, I mean Clinton had some affairs but was still elected – but he was impeached later!

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3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Odds of Trump Out”

  1. Wacko or plant? Mirrors the cold war strategy of taking insane actions strategically. If the investigations are going with Russia as the focus it doesn’t look like *incompetence* is something you can necessarily rely on–which means the man’s confidence is due to how much secret backing he has–not just with Russia.

    James M. Buchanan held that politicians should be greedy or even dirty because otherwise you couldn’t put a handle on them. What if they are holding back worse on the Democrats and Trump is just the bait for them to strike first?

    1. His highly planned scheme – which might have worked in overthrowing a banana republic – just didn’t work this time! Seems like the schemes of the powerful – aren’t working anymore. I mean, also look at the “Me-Too” movement.

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