Gang of Crooks

As a new week dawns, the capital is on edge to see whether Mueller has any more dramatic cards to play before the turn of the year. One event that may further irritate the President is Tuesday’s sentencing hearing for Flynn, who admitted lying to the FBI.

Is there not anyone in his staff who isn’t a crook? How can the rightwing media keep trying to whitewash this stuff (pun intended 😆 )? I mean, come on, the most remote parts of Sicily have nothing on Trump!

The Lesser of Two Evils

This could be applied to both personal and international matters.

OK, in regards to the US, it has been known it has backed murderous right-wing dictators because it was the lesser of two evils. OK, among a person’s life, we often have to choose between poop and piss so we choose the less dangerous psychos among us!

Anyway, a lot of people don’t care for this doctrine. I mean, tons of anti-American youth overseas, regardless of left/right affiliation were often appalled at US policy – not seeing it as the lesser of two evils and some who are leftist simply want the left guys in power.

So, how do you readers feel about it? Should we just say, if something seems to be bad – then why not turn it all down? Is that even a feasible choice?

White Nationalists Bored with Trump

This isn’t surprising as I don’t think Trump is a true believe in all of it. But, anyway, I don’t think WNs could ever gain control of the US – simply because there are too many decent Americans who are appalled by hardcore white nationalism.

So in that case, the old thought of them to create a separate nation – or perhaps do some crazy scheme to nuke most of the US population (aka The Turner Diaries) would be about right.

But mathematically speaking, I give either of these options almost no chance – with WNs forced into the hills much like Al-Queda or Idaho milita groups.

Pop White Nationalism

I will call it this to distinguish it from the hardcore type that wants a full fledged fascist US on the lines of the antebellum South, Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa.

Anyway, the fact remains that Americans don’t want real white nationalism. They’re rather have a sort of sissy version a long the lines of Fox News or something. But anyway, that doesn’t bother me cause I hate white nationalism.

So Trump lately is answering more to the call of the pop stuff – revealing himself to be more like Reagan than anybody else. Well, he’s too insensitive to be like the two Bushes (I mean, strictly from a non-war POV.). (Come on, to W. Bush’s credit he tried to end AIDS in Africa!)

What is Trump considered about? He’s considered about money – which is no shock. He’s not interested in white nationalism, a movement that sort of wants extreme preference, maybe even socialism for white people. Anyway, Trump was willing to adopt a hardcore stance on immigration – but it wasn’t enough for white nationalists and also he cannot enforce it. He can’t enforce it because we live in a democracy and the voters partially rejected it.

Don’t you all see how democracy and white supremacy are incompatible? That’s why Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa were highly un-democratic.

Las Vegas Odds of Trump Out

I say pretty high. I mean, it might even be worth it to make a bet. OK, why I say this? Well, Cohen, his former lawyer, was pretty much convicted on doing Trump’s dirty work – so next in line – would be Trump himself!

Anyway, Trump was never a good candidate – simply running on name recognition – and if he hadn’t paid hush money to those porn stars, well, he couldn’t have gotten elected! Well, maybe not, I mean Clinton had some affairs but was still elected – but he was impeached later!

The Coming Pence Administration

Well, he better not do a Ford or it could backfire in 2020. Anyway, with the economy so good – it might be the case Pence would get elected. I mean, Ford almost did, but his pardon turned enough voters to slightly tilt the results.

Anyway, there is no way Pence has any dirt to do a Trump. He’s incredibly religious. In fact, he would have been a better candidate (saying this from a hypothetical Republican POV).


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