Racism in Latin America, with an Emphasis on Anti-Black Racism

Tulio: It seems the Latin America right is mostly dominated by whites. I yet to see many dark brown Amerindian leaders of right wing movements in Latin America. They seem to be all people of European descent.

Yep. White people act pretty horrific down there. I know you don’t like Chavez, but he is the hero of the Blacks and Browns down there. The opposition is mostly White and light-skinned. During the recent rioting, the opposition attacked some Black Venezuelans on the assumption that they were Chavez supporters and set them on fire in the streets. The Opposition habitually called Chavez a mono or a monkey. He was a zambo, a mixture of Black, White, Indian. This mixture is pretty common in Venezuela, Colombia and Panama. I have read interviews with members of the opposition. One was an unmarried White upper class man in his late 20’s who lived at home. He said he felt so insulted every time he saw Chavez because it was like his people (upper middle class Whites) were being ruled by their maids and gardeners. The idea that this proud White man should be ruled by his inferiors was infuriating. Peru is an extremely racist society. Now it’s mostly against the Indians, it’s true. They hardly have any Blacks. There was recently a case of a beautiful Black woman who tried to get into an exclusive nightclub in the wealthy Miramar District of Lima and she was turned away at the door. I guess they had a “No Blacks” policy. Chile is incredibly racist against Indians, and they are supposedly one of the most progressive countries down there. I had a friend whose father had worked in Allende’s administration. He was a sociology major and he was doing some work with the Mapuche Indians who  live in the South. But his racism against those Indians was off the charts. Chileans are extremely racist Peruvians, and most of it is wrapped around the idea that Peruvians have much more Indian blood than the Chileans do, though the average White Chilean is ~2 I’m not sure how racist things are in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia or Brazil. Some people say that Colombian Whites are extremely racist against Blacks, but others said it’s not the case. Actually in Latin America there is the phenomenon of social race. A wealthy Latin American told me that even Black Latin Americans can be completely accepted in wealthy White circles if they only have enough money. This phenomenon is called social race. It is especially prominent in places like Brazil. So a wealthy Black Brazilian can be effectively “White” and a poor White in a favela (there are many Whites in favelas) is effectively Black or mixed race (a wigger). Racism is forbidden by law in Brazil but it still exists. I think there was a case recently where a White woman was in an elevator and she would not let a Black person in the elevator with her. It generated a lot of controversy. Nevertheless, there is a racial hierarchy. White women are regarded as wives and mothers but not so much as sex objects. In fact, they are too pure for that. Black women are regarded as unattractive. Their only use is maybe to be your maid. However, mixed race mulatta women are the most highly prized of all, and even White men see them as the sexiest women of all. They are sexualized as sex objects. I had a White Brazilian woman who was my friend for a while. She mostly spoke Portuguese so it was hard to talk to her. I told her, “You try not to be racist against Blacks here, but it’s hard.” She agreed with me, and said, “Yes, I agree, we try not to be racist too, but it’s hard. We Whites have a saying here in Brazil, ‘If a Black doesn’t steal from you when he’s coming, he steals from you when he’s going.” In other words, if he doesn’t steal from you when he’s walking in the door, he will definitely steal from you when he is walking out the door. So even down there Blacks are regarded as thieves. There’s not a lot of racism in the Caribbean because there are almost no Whites. However, the mulattos in Dominican Republic are extremely racist against the Blacks in Haiti. They still enslave them, for Chrissake. Mexico, I am not sure, but in barrio culture here, low class Hispanics are much more racist against “mayate” Blacks than Whites are. The mestizos are openly racist, much more so than the Whites who probably think open racism is uncouth as Mexican Whites are very into being proper, mannered people. In there is open racism against Blacks in Mexico at least in the media. Further, the Mexican media is ~10

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19 thoughts on “Racism in Latin America, with an Emphasis on Anti-Black Racism”

  1. I’ve been down to Mexico a number of times, both to big cities and small towns. I feel like Mexicans and Mexican-Americans(Chicanos) are almost two different ethnic groups. The hostility I could feel from lower class Chicanos in California was palpable. East L.A. was pretty much a no-go zone for me. Mexicans in Mexico have been at worst indifferent to me and at best very friendly, welcoming and hospitable. I actually like Mexico Mexicans quite a bit. Mexican-Americans not nearly as much, though of course there are some great Mexican-Americans too, friends of mine. But they are pretty distances from the barrio culture. They pretty much act white and look mostly white. I feel like I get along with the whiter Mexicans better than the brown ones. In the USA that is. In Mexico itself it doesn’t seem to matter. The racism they have seems to be on the white-Amerindian continuum and blacks don’t really seem to be thought about much one way or the other. A black in Mexico is just curiosity and probably seen as a tourist primarily. I don’t know what life is like for the small Afro-Mexican minority.
    I used to be friends with a quite cute white Mexican girl from Nuevo Leon. She said she likes Americans and likes Mexicans but doesn’t like Mexican-Americans. I found that hilarious. She says Mexicans have epithets for Mexican-Americans who aren’t seen as “real” Mexicans. She was very cool with black people. Even said some of her friends back home were curious about black guys.
    I’ve seen a few youtube channels of black guys who travel in Mexico and they seem to be having a blast.

  2. Wealth inequality plays into this. Racism in the amerixcas seems like class conflict in many circumstances (for example how upper class people wouldnt want to breed with lower class people to keep their status, but also differences in phenotype thanks to environment making people vary of cooperating), and so the social race aspect is to be expected with western jewish liberalism and population boom amongst the brown people. Most anti-black racism is like the one you find in all ouround the globe as the populations of pure blacks is very small in most regions, general xenophobia with some fear of the unique appearence. Latin America is somewhat into fetishising European features, so admired people and whites are regarded highly, esepecially when possessing money and are tall in length (something that is rare in Latin America). Latin American women tend to have low standards. Rich whites can be very racist though will save face in public, most whites are like European Americans when it comes to racism, agnostic and conservative, they want huge amounts of proof before trusting an brown person. Whites are an minority though, so its not entierly relfective of the society as an whole. My mom is an mullato raised in Peru and she seems very fond of the country, But she also kinda low-key dislikes rich white men, so ill ask her if she has some interesting insights.
    Interesting anecdote: When i was in Greece with my mom on an bus to our hotel, we saw many construction sites that were terminated thanks to austerity and people living close to them. My mom said, “wow theres plenty of poverty here, Ive never seen something like this”, and i awnsered, “but isnt peru worse? i remember seing all of the crappy houses where our family live”, she said, “no we dont have it like that in our part of lima, this right here is worse”. This is the Eastern European right in practice.
    She of course didnt consider other parts of greece and Peru showing that Greece overall is richer. but i think it might show how fond she is of her country of birth and the pretty drastic improving living standards there. My moms chilhood area does look in better shape than the part of Greece i visisted (rhodos).
    My family in Peru have much better living standrads than what they used to have. My familly is exceptionally hard working, outside of some individuals, they are all stupid though, HBD in action. My mothers brother is somewhat smart though, most likely 115+ iq, granted within the shitty environemnt of Peru.

      1. I dont live in spain. Im too complex to be tracked down XD
        My father is half Nordic half latino crollio. He looks like your avarage italian, but gets pretty pale in the Winter and an nice tan at the summer.
        My Mom isnt that politically active nor interessted, she seems to be an welfare capitalist and borderline ludite thanks to fear for technology giving unforseen power concentrated in the wrong hands. She is against interventionism and dislikes the eastern Asians for generally being conservative wierdos. She didnt hate Sandero but feared that the PCP might have led to more violence long term thanks to American resistance.
        My father is an anti American marxist. He fought for FARC when young. Now he rents an shitty apartment in an immigrant filled area. He says that everything is the rich peoples fault. Which is true in LATAM of course.

        1. Yes your IP went back to Madrid. So you are a Colombian, 1/4 Black (in Latin America basically a White person) who is now living in Spain. Your mother was from Peru but I guess moved to Colombia after she met your father. Your father still lives in Colombia. Your mother’s family lives in Peru.
          Your Mom lives with you in Madrid, I guess. You’re in Madrid because you talk about Arabs all the time and furthermore you hate them, and there are no Arabs in Colombia. It’s Spaniards hate the new Arab immigrants.
          You can’t fool me. I have superb social skills. I can almost read your mind!

          1. That arab in my school is very exceptional. Arabs in general act like blacks in my country of residence and i have criticized blacks in the past. Im not only talking about about arabs negatively and i do recognize that they face large discrimination in their home countries by foreign and domestic actors. Something has to be done about those in Europe though, they are acting like blacks! If not worse!
            I have prognathism and am Brown, slightly african nose and eyes, so im not white, though people wouldnt say im black either (Though Americans would say im black). I dont have kinky hair, its wavy.
            I dont live in spain. Both of my parents live in the same country.
            Its impossible.

        2. Ok now you go back to Stockholm, which makes sense as it’s full of Arabs and the way you write English doesn’t look like Spanish interference. Sweden is full of Peruvian refugees who fled there during the Sendero era. Actually there are many Sendero supporters in Sweden or there were.
          If you are 25% Black in the US, ain’t no one going to call you Black. You might fit into one of those mysterious categories like the daughters of jazz musicians and actors who are 1/3 – 50% Black. Check out Quincy Davis’ daughter. 1/3 Black. You can’t really figure out what race she is.

          1. Stockholm it is…
            Theres barely any Peruvians. Theres like 30k max in the whole country. They dont even register on wikipedia.
            I look very much like this dude: https://www.google.se/search?q=zambo&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwio5t6U7obeAhXPg6YKHVyFAdUQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=zambo&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.3..0l5.71182.74600..74803…4.0..0.88.517.7……0….1…….5..35i39j0i67.0G2N__uSxT0&ei=CLPDW6jCK8-HmgXcioaoDQ&client=ms-unknown&prmd=vimn&biw=412&bih=695#imgrc=TieWjnwh229-5M but maybe an bit lighter, depending on the sun.
            I can thank my african and Scandinavian ancestors for my hieght, my latin family are all 5’5 feet midgets. Thank lord.

        3. There is an excellent book written about Sendero in 1990 right when they seemed on the verge of taking power. Towards the end he goes to Sweden and there are Peruvian refugees everywhere, mostly Sendero supporters who fled due to government persecution. So there was a large community of Peruvian refugees at the time.

        4. Robert, in brief, there are huge numbers of Arabs in Latin America. Most of these are Lebanese and Syrians who left the decaying late Ottoman Empire between around 1870-1920’s, part of the same wave of emigration whose descendants predominate in the Arab American community in the US. Brazil alone has 5 million Lebanese — more than in Lebanon itself!! There are over a million Lebanese and Syrians in both Mexico and Argentina as well, with significant-sized communities in most every significant Latin American country. Have you heard of Salma Hayek, Shakira, Carlos Selim Helou, and I could name literally dozens of other famous Latins whom you’ve almost certainly heard of, whom you maybe did not realize are the descendants of Arab immigrants to Latin America.
          They are thoroughly integrated, and tend to be in the upper 20 percentile economically, and, more often than not, and to my dismay, tend to be quite conservative in their economic politics, though not always. As with 4th, or so, generation Arab-Americans, most can’t string together a single sentence in Arabic, and are, often, little more than superficially connected to Arab culture, and are, majority Christian. Therefore, whether it is proper to consider them “Arabs”, or not, as opposed to, simply, white Latins, is a matter of taste and preference. Thus, I suppose you may be right, in a way, when you say there are no Arabs in Latin America. It just depends on how you look at it, and on how you define “Arab”.

          1. Yeah but he was talking about Arabs all the time and dissing them badly. He said they were criminals and acted like US Blacks. I knew he was in Europe. He even had an Arab in his class. That wouldn’t be the case if he were living in Peru or Colombia.
            I am aware that there is a small Arab population in Latin America. Population of Brazil is 2% Arab. Population of Argentina is 3% Arab. Population of Mexico is 1% Arab. Anyway, most of these Arabs don’t even identify as Arabs anymore. They’re just regular White Latin Americans as far as I can tell. He wouldn’t be complaining about their behavior because they are so assimilated that they just act like regular Whites. They’ve lost their Arab culture and they definitely don’t act like criminals.

  3. Yeah the same way homo sapiens killed of some hominins and genetically(fucking) absorbed others. The mixed hispanic caucasoid is the future of the world. All thanks to spanish dicks 500 years ago. And before those cocks, thanks to the dicks of indo european bell beakers and before them thanks to r1b yamnaya cocks and well you get the idea.
    This is not to praise that faggot market worshipping latin american upper class. Those anglophiles betray their conquistador heritage for the market. The motherfuckers with the real conquistador mentality are those poor hispanics with that hotheaded fighter/impregnator mindset. Call them mestizos or mulatos, their black or indian racial influence doesn’t matter because their mentality is essentially the spanish/criollo conqueror mentality. All Hispanics in the Americas are just criollos with varying level of racial admixture, culturally they are strictly criollo.

  4. Where I live it in East Tennessee, it seems like the poor, in general, are demonized as thieves – but I’m sure blackness would make it worse – but not much more. Therefore, this whole thing in the US or anywhere – is more a class issue than race I think.

    However, a lot of the poor are thieves! It might be a situation where some aren’t – but so many thieves exist among the poor – that other people cannot help but generalize.

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