The Menace of Trump's Alter Ego Bolsonaro in Brazil

Tulio: Robert, do you have any thoughts on Bolsanaro? Looks like Brazil is about to take a hard right turn toward fascism. Steven Bannon is down there advising him. The thought of that fucker makes me physically ill.

He’s a monster, of course. I had no idea that half of Brazil’s population were reactionary Rightist maniacs. He’s worse than Trump. I have met two Brazilian Rightists and they were out and out monsters. Both absolutely hated democracy. One was a Brazilian Jew and the other is the former commenter Santoculto.
They’re murderous, as bad as the Bolivian, Venezuelan, Salvadoran, and Nicaraguan Right. They’re not as murderous as the Haitian, Guatemalan, Honduran, and Colombian Right, but they definitely kill people. A Black woman who organized in the Brazilian favelas was recently murdered by the Right government that is in power now.
This Bolsonaro had as part of his project putting on trial and executing all of the former armed rebels from the 1960’s. He has the support of the reactionary military in that. Thing is though, the last president was a former urban guerrilla from the 1960’s and her government was full of former guerrillas, so he’s openly advocating the trial and execution of  most of the former government.

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8 thoughts on “The Menace of Trump's Alter Ego Bolsonaro in Brazil”

  1. Finding out how many Brazilians support this man has been heartbreaking. I went down to Brazil in 2009 and absolutely loved the vibrant culture, music and way of life there. Despite the deep problems there I had an affection for Brazil. Knowing that such a man could be popular enough to the Brazilian people to win has really changed my view toward Brazilians.

  2. In the US, pretty much all of the middle and upper class is moving toward fascist thinking. However, with many of them there is no racist element. Nonetheless, they pretty much despise the poor of any race – viewing them as a threat (thieves, parasites, drug infested vermin etc)
    But santo-culto and the Brazilian right’s hate is especially despicable because there is no empathy with them at all. See how they revel in calling people ugly (I mean as in beauty.). Saying there is scientific proof people are ugly and that especially mixed raced people are.

    1. The term my relative – who is often the target of their bullying, uses is middle class assholes. That would adequately describe what the middle classes are becoming in the US.

  3. Crime is a massive problem in Brazil. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is more about class than race – probably most of your “oppressed” races that are moving up in the social ladder also support the right-wing.

    So also, one telling example of this was the movie “The City of God”. In fact, in one episode the gangsters had an initiation for a pre-teen and he was required to murder a toddler! Now, how is it that liberals can ignore this?

    But, surely enough, they praise that movie and see the actors as heroes and cool.

  4. To be honest, the right-wing in the US, judging from Facebook memes, is just as violent. I mean, at one moment, it’s “Stone the child molesters!” – but that can easily morph into “Bury the pinkos!”.

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