The Lie of the Incompetent Black Affirmative Action Professional

The racist argument – which I just saw again on Niggermania today (as I said you need to know what your enemies believe) – is that due to affirmative action and whatnot (which is a racist White Whale that barely exists anymore anyway), Blacks are held to a lower standard.

Well, they’re Black, so we don’t expect much of them, so we will pass them with lower grades than the Whites, and we won’t expect as much of them at work, we will not expect them to do as much work. and we will let them get away with more bad behavior.

I have no idea how true this is. Yes, some law schools do lower standards for Blacks at admission, but there’s no evidence that they grade Blacks at a different standards than Whites. Even if they can fudge a bit to get them in, Blacks in professional schools still have to do just as good as Whites to pass in class. No one’s cutting them any slack on law or med schools, at least not yet. And if the Blacks really can’t cut it because they slid in on lowered affirmative action standards, they will flunk out anyway, especially at a place like Berkeley. So the lowered standards in a sense are a non-problem. A lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing if you will. And even if they somehow do not flunk out, they still have to pass the bar. If a Black gets admitted to law school and graduates and then somehow passes the damned bar, they’re competent. It doesn’t matter whether standards got lowered for them to get in or not. The Bar doesn’t believe in affirmative action, at least not yet. Medical school is the same thing. Ok, they lower standards of admittance, but 3 Tests like the Bar and the Medical Boards are the Great Equalizers. If a Black person can get through law or medical school and pass the bar or their boards, Jesus Christ, how bad of an attorney or physician could they possibly be? The Bar and the Boards are so difficult that they make it so that anyone who miraculously passes them is absolutely qualified at a minimal level to practice law or medicine. So the idea of all these incompetent Black  professionals everywhere that the racists bring up doesn’t pass the smell test. There simply cannot be lots of incompetent Black professionals as long as they have to pass murderous tests to get the job, and the workplace holds them to high standards. The notion of the incompetent Black professional affirmative action hire lies in the dust.

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2 thoughts on “The Lie of the Incompetent Black Affirmative Action Professional”

  1. I totally agree and especially in math there is no way to fudge things. Well, I guess English grades could be fudged, but I just don’t see it. I mean, when I was there the professors were just very harsh and grammar, spelling, and the like (I as an English major for awhile) – and, of course, this would expand to other humanities majors.
    But then again, ha ha, we have so many computer programs now that we didn’t have in the late 90s, grammar programs.

  2. Yeah, either medical and law people have fair tests or not. I mean, they’re not giving whites and blacks different tests and so much of it isn’t based on an opinion (Am I right here?).
    Opinions would be questionable stuff where professors could boost a grade based on the content – apart from the grammar, spelling, and other things.

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