From Le Bon to Mussolini to Trump, a Single Unbroken Strand

Le Bon -> Mussolini -> Trump.
Le Bon -> Mussolini -> Trump.
And those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, of course.

The past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past. – William Faulkner

And…There’s something to be admired about the way the Chinese always take the long view of history and reality itself for that matter.

Interviewer: What do you as Chinese premier, think of the French Revolution [that took place 200 years ago]? Chou en Lai, Premier of the People’ Republic of China: It’s too soon to tell. – Interview with Chinese premier Chou en Lai, 1970’s

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7 thoughts on “From Le Bon to Mussolini to Trump, a Single Unbroken Strand”

  1. Trump is more so like Mussolini and Franco then Hitler, probably more Franco. It’s certainly a very non-racist fascism – but then again, we’re talking fascism!

  2. Hey Robert, if someone ask you ¿to what extent can an OCD Obsession resemble the subject the ill person is afraid of? in stuff like Schizo OCD, HOCD, Harm OCD What would say? To what extent can OCD look just like the stuff the individual is fearing.

  3. Robert, do you have any thoughts on Bolsanaro? Looks like Brazil is about to take a hard right turn toward fascism. Steven Bannon is down there advising him. The thought of that fucker makes me physically ill.

    1. Also, I’ve been reading comments from Brazilian Bolsonaro supporters. Brazilian right wingers are batshit insane. They make Trump supporters look reasonable by comparison. Anyone that opposes fascism is basically a communist to them. They are calling The Economist(a totally free market supporting publication) a communist rag because they have written scathing criticisms of Bolsonaro. These people are sickening. They are Trumptards on steroids. There’s also a growing American-style evangelical right wing movement there that’s about as crazy as the religious right here.

      1. Yep. Anything to the left of fascism is Communist and everyone to the left of a fascist is a Communist and all Communists must be killed.
        The Latin American Right is batshit nuts. Not only that but they are dangerous as Hell. These Trumpsters are horrible, but they’re not murderous, at least not yet and they are not putting their critics and opposition politicians in prison, at least not yet. That’s the general trajectory this stuff takes though.
        They are worse than Trump supporters. Way worse! And they’re seriously crazy too. And dangerous.

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