Come November, You Go, Girls!

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Go for it, ladies! Get out there and kick some ass. Women have good reason to be upset. I mean from what I can tell, Kavanaugh was simply a rapist as a young man. Whatever that means legally, there’s no way he should be on the Supreme Court. This is no #metoo crap with women freaking out over men flirting with them, asking for their number or asking them for date, or freaking out and screaming sexual assault when some man is testing the waters on a date. This is the real deal, real, legal rape. Not the bullshit feminist rape that has 1,000 different definitions and now has a meaning as wide as the Atlantic Ocean. Not the nonsense that no one even knows what it is. Not the nonsense that says you raped her because you couldn’t read her mind. Not the BS that says every time a woman has sex when she doesn’t really want to, it’s rape. None of that feminist manhating lunacy. We are talking about the real deal here. Real, criminal rape, violations of the law against rape, the kind that can get you arrested and thrown in in jail or prison. Kavanaugh and the Original Night Stalker have a lot more in common than you think.
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8 thoughts on “Come November, You Go, Girls!”

  1. Rape is about a man’s power over a woman. A man is supposed to have power over a woman. Therefore rape should be regarded as a good deed for society, not a crime. If a woman tries to kick a man in the nuts like in your picture, he should step aside quickly, grab her foot and strike down on her knee and break her knee backwards, then turn her over smashing her head on the ground.

    1. Also be aware that women are happiesrt when a man has power over her. Women like getting raped. If Blasey Ford actually did get raped by kavanaugh, she liked it and Kavanaugh should not only admit he raped her but that her and him both enjoyed it. And he should promise to rule in the Supreme Court that rape is decriminalized.

      1. Also be aware that pixie queers are happiest when a man has power over him. Pixie fags like getting raped. If Roy Cohn actually did get raped by Joseph McCarthy, he liked it, and McCarthy should not only admit he raped Cohn but that Cohn and him both enjoyed it.
        And he should promise to rule in the Supreme Court that rape is decriminalized…like
        Alernatively, categorise ‘rape’ as a form of accidental trespass to ‘private’ property

  2. Robert I know there is a teeny tiny small part of you that likes Trump. It may be in the way an Arab tribesman respects his adversary in his war making but its there! Either way you’ll be living in Mexico eventually so don’t worry.

  3. No matter what Kavanaugh did or didn’t do, Blasey Ford didn’t even accuse him of rape. The accusation was groping.

  4. “I find the idea that ‘as a woman’ I must think a certain way extremely patronizing,” said Allie Stuckey, host of CRTV’s “Relatable.” “If these so-called feminists really believed in female empowerment, they’d be encouraging women to think with their brains rather than their anatomy.”
    It’s not about women. It’s about helping the Democrat party. When women want to think otherwise, they are accused and insulted.

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