Black People Have to Act Better Than Whites to Get the Same Goodwill

Phil78: Funny thing is I just roamed through the posts of Irish Savant, a common name you’ll see in Alt Right Blogrolls. One of his “plans” is to be basically return African Americans to Second Class status due to their “pathologies” nudging on science.
The obvious problem here, even accepting this, is determining the degree of said setbacks, and often these are verified mainly with the Black population overall, not just crime statistics. That just captures how much they contribute and just generalize comments sprung from their intuition.
JAY is one who I’ve made familiar with my displeasure, same with others who I felt some confidence in even they wouldn’t go this far.
Going back to the Alt Right, the big problem here is that though the monolithic opinion is that these pathologies exist along with a contributing genetic link, it’s honestly a mishmash of what “they” want to do. It becomes one of those issues where the “Cucks” and “Betas” need to be sorted out if they are not gung-ho on 18th century solutions of deportation, eugenics, or removal of rights.
No matter how much you can point out the dangers this poses to the individualist positions many claim to hold, you’ll find many how either flip or just flat out reveal they couldn’t care less if it was authoritarian or “fascist”, White makes Right is the reduced maxim.
Racist: “Why can’t blacks be individuals, not defend thugs, be honest, and stop obsessing over ‘White supremacy’.”
Black Guy: “I don’t agree with your views, and I am openly offended as this attitude to why I conduct myself as I do. How can I be an individual when you set me to different standards beforehand and act like I’m wrong?”
Racist: “Fuck off, you hate Whites, brainwashed by Marxism, you are my enemy, and I want nothing to do with you. My people’s rights are all I care about, and you should be lucky to be in this country.”

You are held to a different standard though, aren’t you? I mean I have to act “X good” to get most people to say I am all right guy. But the Blacks on my site have to act much better than I do to get that same pass. I can act bad sometimes, throw tantrums, and do stupid or even sometimes evil shit, and it’s ok, Bob’s just human, he’s good most of the time.
So I have to act X Good, and you all have to act much better than that – “X+5 Good”, in order to get the same pass as I do.
I mean if Tulio wants people to say he’s an ok guy, just as ok as Bob, he has to act much better than I do to get that same break, right? Tulio can hardly even risk a tantrum. Hell, he has to watch raising his voice. The slightest misbehavior and it’s 100% evidence of his inner nigger coming out.
Jesus man, what a burden.

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12 thoughts on “Black People Have to Act Better Than Whites to Get the Same Goodwill”

  1. The truth is guys like them don’t want Blacks to be people, think about it. Think about all the wars and current politics that divide Europeans. Look up WW1 propaganda against eachother and you’ll see all but the scientific literature that Blacks were given until insitutuionalized by WW2.
    So can you imagine having to deal with a mass of people of people groomed for GENERATIONS to be an underclass suddenly becoming basically a different country under their noses?
    They want them to be assets, clear and simple. That’s why you have so many people pushing shit like the “Lost Cause” , Marxists, and plainly Jews to get “us” on their side. Others just want us gone, period, like modern H.P Lovecrafts with all of the fear and hatred but with none of the talent.
    I just thank God these people have little power, David Duke and affiliates aside.

    1. White nationalists disagree – but clearly ordinary whites, not Jews are to blame for slavery. In fact, most slave holder were white southerners with probably a few Jews owning huge plantations.
      Anyway, as you say, the whites are always wanting to use blacks – until they become useless, and then they hate them and view them as a liability. For instance, Stormfront called blacks “out-of-date farm equipment (ha ha what assholes :lol:)
      So only now has the black underclass – though, maybe not the middle class, become totally useless, just a taker of welfare and cause of crime. And only now, do we see that all anti-black racists are totally for deportation – as opposed to “keeping them around as cheap labor existing as a lower caste”.

  2. The same is true with whites in Korea. They only want Mormon missionary, boy scout types – clean cut – no tattoos. And of course, the hate the GIs – viewing them as white trash. but you don’t have to be incredibly sloppy as a teacher to get the same criticism, though.

    1. Hey Jason, here’ s a little advice from a black guy born in Hollywood. Don’t listen or care about what someone that came from somewhere else has to say. We natives can’t stand these outsiders coming here trying to define what our neighborhood is about.

      1. That has to be irritating, them coming in with such a negative attitude of your area – and then expecting you to fork over money at their stores. But then again, they’re going into the middle class now – so probably another group is running them.

        1. Likewise, GIs forced to defend their dumb nation with their life – and only to be called white trash in return.
          I don’t like Trump, but him giving the finger to these ingrates is the best thing he’s done.

    1. That’s actually true, Tulio. I guess I am late to the game here. Blacks and antiracists have been saying stuff like this forever now, and I never quite believed it because they use a lot of hyperbole. But now I am starting to see what some of what Blacks have been complaining about is true.
      I am learning that from reading on racist anti-Black humor forums like Niggermania! Alpha thinks I shouldn’t go to those sites for any reason at all, but I think even Blacks and antiracists might want to go there if only to see how the enemy thinks. I’ve learned so much about how anti-Black racism works from reading it straight from the horse’s mouth itself.
      Darryl’s video is right. He says Blacks and antiracists need to engage their enemies, figure out what makes them tick, and try to understand them. Instead it’s just racism against Blacks is evil, people who feel this way are completely irrational and feel this way for no good reason and also THEY ARE ALL LITERALLY HITLER.
      I know when feminists refer to me as evil and wag their scolding fingers at me like cruel nuns, which they do all the time, my attitude is just to give them the finger and double down on my anti-feminist hatred.
      I never liked this Coates guy too much. My Mom doesn’t either. She says he’s too angry. I sort of agree. I might listen to him more now though. That meme is so perfect!

      1. The true pushers of anti-racism know full well how to influence people. Those SJW lite types you are talking about are mere usefull fools. It has never been the intention to stop all racism as for that to happen there would have been an push of education and infranstructure/urbanisation to unify the populations into wealthy liberal areas. Instead they want divide an conquer between the rural and urban population as well as the racial ones.
        The civil rights era was an inside job made by rich jews and whites.
        MLK was an puppet 100%, even though he had many good ideas, he has to had realised that his people are still controled by foreign elites thanks to an lack of numbers and capital. So one has to wonder what his motivations were, maybe that he hated hardcore capitalism and wanted to support the democrats, but even there, wouldnt the republican voter base be a little bit more prone to democratic-socialism if not for welfare to non-whites scaring them?
        All of these arabs and muslim africans to europe is becuase they want to lax on the welfare for young people to hide the galloping costs of old people and end labour shortages, is an guess from me. Well, maybe theres competing factions with the more conservative elements liking the refugees as they pave the way for welfare cuts and militarism. Though its europe, so the cuts would be minimal and perhaps nothing you see in america.
        We need automation to fix the future of europe and east asia, but the capital gains made by the increasing productivity of capital and lower employment makes it scary with emerging capitalism. I suspect the the elite will understand the need for an low GINI, bread and circuses for the population, the degree of worker-friendly politics depends on docile the population is (which is very apperent in america). Arabs seem to be very SOCDEM though, so maybe an redistrobution will be inevitable. But arabs are too dumb to understand META-exploatation, namely the bourgeoisies ability to adapt new long term schemes. Arabs just shout, cry and beat their wives.

    2. An example of this is at the university I work at—- nearly every black and Latino here is clean cut and has a “churchy” vibe (including yours truly, though I’m not churchgoing). The whites get away with tattoos, weird fashion, dyed hair, and dropping f-bombs every now and then.
      Scruffy, beachy laid-back white classmates have gotten hired over me after interviewing for the same job.

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