Are Men Really Entitled to Women's Bodies?

It is a feminist article of faith that men are either entitled to women’s bodies or we think we are entitled to women’s bodies.
This notion strikes me as so absurd.
The average woman has three sex partners in a lifetime. Your average man has sex with six women in a lifetime. If men were actually entitled to women’s bodies or even if they thought they were, they would literally go grab sex anytime they wanted, and those figures would be far higher.
The idea that we men have or think we have a right to female bodies is absurd. Don’t these feminists realize that even men who are very good with women can go weeks, months, or even years without sex because, well, no woman seems like she wants to out with them? Including yours truly. If I am actually entitled to women’s bodies, I assure you that I would go grab me one real soon.
If it’s this bad for the players, think of the sexless nightmare the incels go through. Feminists say, “Incels think they have a right to female bodies!” Well, if incels feel that way, why don’t they go grab one, then?

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9 thoughts on “Are Men Really Entitled to Women's Bodies?”

  1. “Are Men Really Entitled to Women’s Bodies?”
    Yes Yes Yes. A 1000 times yes. When she’s giving those batty signals, she’s asking for it.
    It’s a No only if she doesn’t want it and expressly says so.
    There is another thing to be kept in mind. Men are not entitled to women’s bodies and controlling them anyway they like. That’s sicko thinking. Women aren’t playthings. They own their own bodies 100%.

    1. Men do. Women can have sex anytime they want to. We can’t. Tell me where I can go right now to go get some sex. I want to have sex right now. Where can I go get some?
      See? There’s nowhere I can go to get some sex. It’s like this most all the time for me and other men.
      Satanic feminist cunts from Hell, male and female both, ridicule this idea and claim against all evidence that men can get sex anytime they want to.
      Feminists are the enemy of all humanity.

      1. That sounds sick, dont most men compensate with relationships?
        One Guy in my autistic class had a “girlfriend” for 1 week. Does the rate of sex decrease for most men with aging?
        “Satanic feminist cunts from hell”

        1. I mean you could of course. Why do you think so many guys get gf’s in the first place. But a lot of men do not have a girlfriend at the current time. If you have a gf you could be getting regular sex. Problem is it goes on for only a little while and she starts bugging you to move in or get married. Things haven’t really changed that much from my Mom’s era. I told my mother that and she nodded her head sagely.

        2. For single men, feast or famine is the rule. And a lot of marriages are sexless. There’s not as much sex happening out there as you think, especially with diabolical feminists trying to make heterosexual flirting, dating and sex illegal.

        3. Not sure how Brazil works, but in a lot of those countries you almost have to get married to get laid. Single women just don’t put out that much.
          In Europe, not sure. In a lot of those countries, people live at home for a long time. They might actually be more ok about premarital sex over there than we are. We are pretty insane about that issue.
          I have a friend in Italy who is 50 years old and has never had sex. Really goodlooking guy too, with a regular job, normal, looks like a regular guy, goes to business conventions, plays in a band, served in the army, etc. To all the other guys in the band, he is like a hero to them because he stayed free of women and they all have women problems. If you have a woman, you have women problems!

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