A Look at the Mind of the Anti-Black Racist: The "Magic Negro" Theory

A lot of them do admit that some Black people seem good. They call these the magic niggers or magic Negroes. It’s 10 But you see even these racists can figure out that some Blacks (they underestimate 10 The Magic Nigger Theory allows them to accommodate the fact that even they, since they are basically sane, can see that millions of Blacks seem to be just fine, while still allowing them to hate the whole race. If millions were just fine, then it would be a moral quandary to hate the whole race. What about the magic ones? Do you hate them too? Well, why? How can you? They can’t, and they are decent enough to recognize this. So to assuage their guilty consciences, they come up with the Magic Nigger Theory that says that even the ones that act good are really just lousy niggers deep down inside, and sooner or later their lousy inner nigger nature will come out. The theory’s completely false, but it shows the lengths these people will go to try to mollify their obviously guilty consciences. As long as we see racists are pure evil sociopaths and not simply regular moral people like you and me that have gone astray on some immoral belief system, we will never understand these people. Racists feel guilty about strolling down this immoral path as as they properly should, so they devise all sorts of fancy cognitive strategies to deal with their guilt. And it’s important to note that if anti-Black racists were truly evil, they wouldn’t have any guilt in the first place. The fact that they feel guilty at all shows us that we are dealing with good folks who went astray rather than pure evil sociopaths. If you want to fight racism, at first you need to understand your enemy. Anti-racists fail on this front by not even bothering to understand why racists feel the way they do and what sort of people racists are in the first place. The first dictum is always To know thine own self is the rule, but the second dictum ought to be about how important it is to know your enemies.

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22 thoughts on “A Look at the Mind of the Anti-Black Racist: The "Magic Negro" Theory”

  1. They hate blacks – but at the same time they bash good blacks as “toms”. Maybe even they really think the “toms” are good people – but – they’re supposed to be “niggers”! And I still also hate niggers! (sarcasm)
    This is so ironic – or I can really pinpoint the word! 😆

      1. Yes Robert, they’re called “coons” (which is diametrically synonymous with the “race traitor” label used quite liberally in White Nationalist discussion circles). Everyday normal Blacks draw attention to the excessive integer of problems that currently afflict America’s native Black population are viciously castigated and unfairly branded as race traitors by the lion’s share of “pro-black” persons.
        Being called a coon is akin to be outed as a cuck in White society.
        Interestingly enough, there’s a low-level internet conflict currently being waged between the so called “coons” and the “pro-blacks”.
        One of the premier content creators on YouTube who is universally vilified by all pro-black YouTube users is a man by the name of David Carroll.
        While Carroll is an out-and-out Republican shill and has bought in to many mainstream Republican positions and party beliefs, his home-brewed memes and persona are both amusing enough to be relatively entertaining. If you elect take a gander at a few of his videos for research purposes, don’t be surprised when you hear some nonsense about how both liberal welfare policies and feminism worked in tandem to rend the black family in twain.
        From Carroll, you’re going to inevitably run into pro-black YouTubers like “I Declare War” or “nizzotheartist” attempting (and failing spectacularly) to debunk Caroll’s positions.
        Here’s Mr. Carroll’s channel if you’d like to chance a look.

        1. This mindset is not helpful. If the coons or toms are trying to solve problems in their own community, no matter where they lay the blame for those problems, they’re not race traitors. The race traitors if anyone are those who are dragging the race down. And playing see no evil and hear no evil doesn’t help either. The worst victims by far of the problems in the Black community are Black people themselves. These problems hit them like a nuclear bomb.
          Refusing to deal with the serious issues of your own community isn’t being pro-community. It’s been anti-community. It’s saying that misdirected pride is more important than ameliorating serious issues that cause untold harm to the people of your community. No problem on Earth ever got improved by people screaming that it didn’t exist and shouting down everyone who talked about it.
          My message is a hopeful one. I assume that some of the behaviors I see as problematic are due to culture and not genes. I mean basic rudeness is due to one’s genes? Come on. Cultures all over the world have developed elaborate politeness and manners rules of behavior. There can’t be groups of people with anti-politeness genes.
          Cultures can be changed. Genes can’t except through selective breeding and outbreeding and things few groups indulge in. But if kids aren’t being brought up properly or the bar for proper behavior is being set too low – theoretically things that can be changed through the mechanisms of cultural change. And I don’t see why advocating that a culture change itself makes me a bad person.
          Thank you so much for your presence on my board, sir.

        2. Cucks are dragging the white race down by pointing out that certain Facebook and YouTube personalities are assholes and psychos?

        3. So many idiots, sadists (those who think all blacks (or whatever group) are evil no matter what), are hiding identity politics. OK, so they mix into identity politics which is somewhat correct. For instance, I don’t think open immigration is a good idea nor a changing of the US to Latin America. Nonetheless, I don’t view middle class blacks as a threat – nor oppose racial intermarriage.

        4. Tennessee is certainly an area which would make a person hate white nationalism – if they weren’t incredibly attracted to it. Post after post is full of white nationalist blow-hards yelping their mouth with one meme after another. You can’t express an opposing view publicly (which would be social media probably for ordinary people) without being crucified as a “bitch” “cunt” or “pussy”.

    1. In Daryls full documentary it is blacks that are angry to the point of violent rage, not Klansman. The Klansman leader he befriended later said he’s ok with his daughter befriending a black, as he did. He also said he’s not ok with his daughter mixing with blacks. This honesty is to his credit. Most common Whites are like Hulk Hogan on that and other race issues.

  2. No, you’re wrong. ‘Racists’ see that that patterns of behavior or traits tend to predominate within certain groups. Such behavior is the result of many factors, including genetics, which you seem to play down or disregard. As with humans, there are always individual exceptions to such factors, but its important to keep such things in proper perspective.

    1. Elijah Muhammad sure seemed to feel he “knew his enemy.” His idea that the white race is a race of devils, would be akin to the subject matter previously elucidated, only from the other side of the ideological spectrum I suppose.

      1. See, he’s doing the same thing. He wanted to hate the whole race, but it was obvious that not all Whites were bad. So in order to assuage his guilty conscience, and Mohammad did have a conscience probably, he simply decided that we were all flat out evil, and that way he didn’t have to parse Whites into the who’s good and who’s bad category.

        1. His (Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad’s ) protege Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan, (especially Farrakhan) feel the same way about whites to this day.

        2. I like post-Hajj Malcolm though. He renounced separatism after he went on Hajj. And every time I hear him speak on the radio, there is something electric about his voice and his words that just entrances me. I listen to some of his talks and I didn’t hear a lot of anti-White racism. He was a separatist for a long time though.
          Farrakhan is a racist asshole. An anti-White racist asshole. As are his hangers on.

        3. Thanks Greg. It still never showed up. Can you just send another one? I won’t cash both of them. Don’t worry. If you mail one now, it should get here in a day or two. If the other one comes at some point, I will just rip it up.

    2. Do Tulio, Phil, and other blacks have a lousy nigger in them? Yes, all humans do. I believe perhaps higher testosterone makes those inner demons more likely to come out in blacks. Stats prove black propensity to commit violent crime and sexual assault.

  3. You could always argue regression to the mean and ethnocentricism being sufficient reasons for discrimination.
    I dont belive in regression to different means being due to “additive effects” between the races. Im agnostic on the racial causiality of ethnocentrism.

  4. I have the inner nigger, but expresses itself in an very white way 🙂 (sarcsm) :
    I think vulgarity, sexual impropriety, violence and lazyness are part of the HUMAN condition though. The stereotypes laid upon blacks have been putten on to all groups that were harshlly discriminated against, but really its just projection in many cases. Just look at the rape of nanking all of the kido porn in Japan. Arguing that these are more prevalent amongst certain races is reasonable, but to state that there are Racial essencess in complex traits seems very ignorant in my opinion.

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