Why Do American Gay Men Feel They Have a Right to Destroy Public Men's Bathrooms?

Sami: Outing closeted faggots might mean, hopefully, less cases of these guys craning their necks to look at my dick when I go into a highway rest stop bathroom to take a leak at a urinal, Out away …. more the better. You ultimately do them a favor. You enable them to live openly from that point forward.

It’s disgusting the way gay men take over public bathrooms in the neighborhoods where there are many of them. And you will never meet one gay man who wants to anything about gay men destroying public restrooms by turning them into sex clubs. They are openly arrogant about this and get very defiant if you bring up the idea that they really need to quit sucking each other’s cocks in public restrooms. This is one extremely annoying thing about gay men in the US – the utter arrogance and defiance that they display with their attitude that they have a right to turn every public restroom into a mini gay bathhouse. This is one of the reasons that I think gay men are basically sexual degenerates – because of attitudes like this.

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4 thoughts on “Why Do American Gay Men Feel They Have a Right to Destroy Public Men's Bathrooms?”

  1. Bob,
    As I said before, homosexuality has become a religion:
    **Like pre-Constantine Christianity, pre-Obama Faggotry was a persecuted institution. Pre-Constantine Christians congregated in ‘underground’ churches, and fags congregate in public toilets.
    **Eucharist/communion fluid:
    — Christians have consecrated wine as communion drink.
    — Fags have semen as eucharist drink.
    Incidentally, the worshipers of Baal also drank a mixture of semen and wine before their ‘fertility rites’.
    Try display a pagan idol or interrupt communion rite inside an evangelical church and see why the congregation will react

    1. Well police brutality is an outrage. It’s a crime. So feeling like you have a right to riot over a crime is a somewhat rational idea. What crime has been wrought upon gay men so that it gives them any moral right to suck each other’s dicks in public to protest this crime? And who says they are sucking each other’s cocks in public to protest against anti-gay discrimination anyway? They suck cocks in public restrooms because they’re basically fucking sexual degenerates, that’s why.

      1. Yeah, sounds like a fetish – like fucking in a college classroom after school has closed.
        Hmm, that does sound kind of exciting! I mean, the straight kind!

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