Alt Left: Update: Mitch McConnell Is Gay

This post has been updated with a lot of new information further bolstering the case that Mitch McConnell is gay.

Mitch McConnell is the leader of the Republicans in the Senate. It is sometimes said that Mitch McConnell is gay, and indeed this appears to be the case.

This is what we know about Mitch McConnell’s homosexuality:

What is known, though extremely covered up, is that around 1964, Mitch McConnell was thrown out of the US Army for an incident whereby Mitch McConnell propositioned another male solider and grabbed his penis at the same time. The soldier reported this to his superiors, who took action against McConnell.

Mitch McConnell was thrown out of the Army for engaging in homosexual activity, but since he was a Senate aide in the summer, he used the Senator he worked for to pull punches and get the reason Mitch McConnell was thrown out of the Army changed from gay sex to having some sort of eye illness which it turns out he didn’t even have.

The Powers That Be then buried this case so deep that it took a progressive journalist forever digging through US government records to finally figure out what was going on. He was obstructed at every turn of the highway.

At any rate, what is known is that Mitch McConnell was thrown out of the US military for homosexual activity. And this needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

Documentation on the case? Google is your friend.

There is further evidence for this charge.

Mitch McConnell has been spotted in Thailand at least once or possibly more than once. Mitch McConnell was seen at private parties in Thailand where wealthy and powerful gay and bisexual American men procure young Thai males for gay sex. In at least one instance, Mitch McConnell was seen with one of his boy-toys at one of these parties.
These reports come from excellent sources very close to McConnell.

And although Mitch McConnell’s sexuality is a very tightly held secret, it is said that all of McConnell’s closest friends “are fully aware Mitch McConnell’s sexual orientation” and have agreed to keep it a closely held secret.

He is married to Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor under George Bush. Chao’s family is an extremely corrupt political crime family connected to the fascist KMT in Taiwan. He has fathered a number of children by this woman, but many gay men have children with women. Posters on gay bulletin boards report that Chao and McConnell have long had separate bedrooms.

I received some emails after this story was printed. A man told me that he knew the President of Kentucky State University very well. The University President told this man that it was well-known that Mitch McConnell was gay.

I received another email from a Louisville police officer. He told me that McConnell had been caught engaging in gay sex late at night with men in Louisville parks that were known as gay cruise spots. Higher-ups had ordered that McConnell be released each time. I do not know if he was arrested or simply detained in these cases.

If he was just detained, there will be no police report. If he was arrested, there will be a report. However, a colleague of mine, a documentary filmmaker who is researching for a film on McConnell, did a search for police reports on any McConnell arrests, and he could find any.

This post was recently linked to the Reddit group Gaybros. A commenter stated that McConnell is definitely gay and is a regular at a popular Washington DC gay bathhouse called The Crew Club.

I recently received a comment from a Kentucky man who informed me that McConnell had molested a boy of unknown age when McConnell was judge executive in Kentucky. This boy is now a grown man and to this day, he is terrified of McConnell. From the comment:

McConnell is not so much as gay as a rapist that will fuck your kids when you’re not looking. You want to believe in demons? There, you’ve got one [in Mitch McConnell].

Judge Executive is not a judge. It is more like the head of the county, sort of like “mayor of the county.” While he was Judge Executive, McConnell made a name for himself in prosecuting rapists, child molesters, and sexual assaulters. If this report is true, it looks like we might be looking at a case of reaction formation, which would not be unusual for a politician as many politicians use this defense mechanism.

Mitch McConnell is definitely gay and has been actively engaging in homosexual sex since adolescence.

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28 thoughts on “Alt Left: Update: Mitch McConnell Is Gay”

        1. Um, you can’t come here and make anti-leftwing arguments, Shawn. If that’s what you are trying to do. I know you donated and all, but I am just giving you a heads-up. You seem to be in a partisan mood at the moment.

      1. Not only Mitch McConnell, but Lindsay Graham too. The media never calls them out as being gay, even though they probably are.

  1. What gay man in his right mind would want to bust McConnell’s wrinkly ass cheeks? Most disgusting thought I could imagine.

      1. LOL!
        Outing closeted faggots might mean, hopefully, less cases of these guys craning their necks to look at my dick when I go into a highway rest stop bathroom to take a leak at a urinal, Out away …. more the better. You ultimately do them a favor. You enable them to live openly from that point forward.

  2. I hate Mitch but I do not want to spread false truths about him. Is it true he is gay and the military thing and all that. Then I am putting it out there on facebook??.

    1. mcconnell has voted against every bill that would prevent the lgbt community from being discriminated against. anyone who thinks about this will eventualy know why he voted like this. he thinks people will consider him anti gay. this is his way of covering u his gayness,

        1. Untrue. Barney Frank always supported gay rights legislation. I lived in his district for two decades and remember this well.

      1. McConnell thinks that voting against the bills that prohibit discrimination will convince people that he is anti-gay. Wise people know that it is just the opposite. Over time he will eventually be exposed.

  3. Just bc Elaine Chao birthed children doesn’t necessarily mean McConnell fathered them. Even if they’re genetically his, it doesn’t mean they had sex – they cld be turkey baster babies.

      1. Not really, no idea. They don’t have much in the way of tits or ass though. The Asians are thought to be the race in which the men and the women look most alike, that is, they are less dimorphic.

  4. Shit…his first wife got rid of him in 1980 when he was unable to get it up anymore…Washington “madam” found him a type…think Thai or Singaporean man-boy-girl…eventually thanks to brother and actually brothel too. Not Elaine Chao but his “training” or as others call it “conversion therapy”…ha ha…so funny to fuck boys and girls and man-boys and “chinks” and oh…it is evil shit.

    He eventually hooked up with Chao saying to her it was his age…that is why he couldn’t get it up…but they could be happy and good business partners…he ended up with MILLIONS…she had no fucking idea…seriously?

    But can we count how many times he went to Thailand or Singapore (Seriously? Governmental business?) between 1977 and 1997? Sorry Elaine Chao, I know he married you in 1993, oh and I suppose the 1977 and 1978 visits may have been reason for 1980 divorce in addition to ability to get it up…but we all know what that inability to perform as a heterosexual man was really about…the documents aren’t available to public (haha).

    1. Actually, back in KFC land…before he fled to Washington, there were accusations that he actually raped young boys…shit…this is outrageous and 50 years? Let’s see if we can find collaboration on the internet? Oh shit… this original post collaborates his predilections…

      So glad this pervert had three girls…and that they lived with mom! Can you possibly imagine? Thank you God and Lord.

  5. I never heard that about Mitch McCocksucker before, but it seems quite possible. It is undeniably true about Miss Lindsay Graham. In fact, rumors are that he is in fact a pedophile and that Trump is blackmailing him about that, hence his 180 degree shift to total support for Trump after his initial 2016 denunciations.

    1. What do you mean by the word pedophile? I have a scientific understanding of that word, a word which has undergone much language murder in the last couple of decades. So what age of boys does he like?

      Teenage boys? Dirty little secret: You have any idea how many gay men love teenage boys? The love between an adult man and a teenage boy has been an important theme in gay sex since the Greeks. It even has a name: pederasty. And a slang: chicken hawks. After age 26, fully 25% of gay men fuck young (13-15 yr old) teenage boys at some point. And from 18-25, you’re damn fucking right they fuck teenage boys, and many of them target that age range too!

      The men who raped and committed statutory rape with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were not older men. They were between the ages of 20-27. I think one was 42.

      It’s also very hard to figure out when the sex started. It may have started at age 11-12, in which case they were victims of actual child molestation. One was raped at age 12 and also at age 15. Hollywood is swarming with gay men in the entertainment industry who prey on teenage boys and even tweens in the industry. I lived there for a while. LA is sick. It’s one of the sickest, grossest, most disturbing cities on Earth. It’s like something out of The Inferno.

      Or little boys? Eek.

    1. Lindsay Graham!? Wow you do have any evidence for this shocking claim? WTF is with all these people anyway? Why the Hell are they fucking kids? I’m not talking about teenagers. It looks exactly like a woman, duh, no wonder every man wants to fuck a hot 16 year old girl. I guess a lot of teenage boys look like men too, though I am not much of an expert on guys because I only care about females. But fucking kids? 11 and 12 year old kids? What is your major malfunction?!

      1. Late to party. But I think its less about the sexual gratification sometimes and more about the power dynamic in which the older person is in control. The next most pervasive explanation is that the molesters were at one point molested and they are in essence passing on their inner pain.Inner pain doesn’t work that way so they continue to do it over and over and leave a trail of other people that are damaged.

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