Alt Left: Is US Immigration Dysgenic?

Sami: Very good points, Thinking Mouse. The majority of our immigration comes from Latin American, average present IQ 90-95, and from East Asia, average present IQ 100-107. This averages out to close to 100 as it is, if you look at those two groups in combination. And this doesn’t take into account the Flynn Effect (though, unfortunately, I doubt Mexican American Barrio culture, as it presently is, at least, is something that would do much to accelerate the Flynn Effect, sorry to say. And we get smaller input from places like the Middle East, present average IQ 84-90, if Richard Lynn’s methods for assessing this are valid (highly questionable, at best). However, Arab Americans and Iranian Americans both have average incomes and average levels of educational attainment — both considered to be rough proxies for average IQ — than the White American average. So, it is clear, that within American culture (in stark contrast to the case with Europe) those groups seem to be Flynn-effected upward. In short, I am unconvinced that our present immigration policy is dysgenic.

Instead of simply not being Flynn-effected, I would argue that barrio culture is actually IQ-impairing. I don’t have any evidence for that, but I can hardly think of a more aggressively, belligerently, arrogantly ignorant culture in the US. Even US Black culture is more educated and intellectual than US barrio culture. Isn’t that pitiful? Latin America does NOT have an average IQ of 90-95. Most of the immigration is from Mexico, IQ 90. The rest is from Central America, IQ 85-90. Average IQ of Hispanics in the US is ~90. We don’t get that much immigration from East Asia. China is where most of it comes from, IQ 105. Combined together, you get IQ 96, but there are many more Hispanics, so that lowers it to ~93. At the end of the day we don’t know what the IQ of immigrants, legal and illegal, is in the US. Hispanic IQ in the US is not undergoing any Flynn rises compared to Whites. It just stays at 90. Arab and Iranian IQ is not high, but in the US, they may be selected. Anyway, they appear much smarter than Hispanics here in the US, whatever their IQ’s are. You have only to look at large Hispanic communities to see that the IQ is not the same as a nearby White town. This Hispanic city here may have an IQ of 93. I came from a nearby White town which probably had IQ of 100. The differences were so stark it was shocking. So you can see that even seven IQ points at a macro scale like that has a huge effect on the intelligence of a city. You can really see IQ differences when you look at whole cities full of people of different IQ’s. US IQ has always been 100. In recent years it has fallen to 98. How did that happen?

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17 thoughts on “Alt Left: Is US Immigration Dysgenic?”

  1. One question:
    did he reply to my comment by pressing the reply button? im checking if my wordpress works.
    Still, everything he said was wrong and everything i said was right. ME and East asians are much smarter in the US as they are students or high wage people. Most migrants come from south east asia when you account mexican emigration. Most dumb latinos are illegal, and a lot of legal migrants from LATAM are crollio (maybe like 30-60%). African immigrants are an mixed bag, but they tend to reside in more liberal areas so thats an environment far superior to those of afro-americans, an interesting thing for sociologists to observe in the future.
    Income in america isnt an good predictor of IQ, especially outside of white america, education is probably the best proxy in brown america.
    I talked about legal immigration not being dysgenic, the avarage IQ of non-white americans is probably like 89-94.

  2. My college had a load of African math students, but then again, only the smartest Africans are let in the US.

    1. Jason Y,
      That’ the way it should be. No point in making our academic standards lower so that it will fit in aliens. Already edjewmacation has been altered so much it just makes grads coming out as useful idiots who couldn’t draw flies to shit. The ones who come out like a jew programmed bot, thanks to the judaized curriculum.

      1. OK, no argument with you on that one.
        However, honestly the schools are shit. In that case, the low or medium IQ cannot reach their max potential – which is higher than you’d think.

    1. I’d say the whole illegal terminology started before the Civil War with black slaves. The black slaves were the illegals of the time, threatening jobs.
      Of course, oddly enough, only the deep south loved the black slaves – even though they beat them and terrorized them.

    2. They deserve to get called illegal aliens! Because that’s exactly what they are! Actually I would prefer to call them Criminal Invaders because that’s what they are too. You don’t live in the places these people have overrun, destroyed, and turned into the 3rd World shitholes that they fled from. You don’t know what it’s like.
      People wait in line for 5-10 years to immigrate here legally and these fucks get to sneak in for free, bypassing all the lines, fees, etc. Screw that! They’re like human locusts. They destroy whole cities and neighborhoods.

      1. Criminal invaders sounds better becuase it doesnt say that they are “aliens”. I get stuck on that word, it sounds like they call them non-humans.

  3. Robert Lindsay: “Arab and Iranian IQ is not high, but in the US, they may be selected.”
    For the most part, no, Robert, not really “selected”.
    Apart from Egyptian Americans, that is. Egypt is the only significant source from the Arab world of H1-B visa type immigration (which, though I am a son of a Lebanese immigrant myself, I want to see curtailed, both because it depresses salaries, or at least starting salaries, within the American engineering community of which I am a part, AND because it is bad for Egypt, as well, being a significant factor in its brain drain, robbing Egypt of the educated technical personnel which it needs for its own development).
    At least half of Arab-Americans are descendants of the initial waves of Arab immigration to the US between 1870 and the early 1920’s, which came from primarily from the Levant (mostly Syria and Lebanon) during the decay of the late Ottoman Empire. The vast majority of these, by the way, were Christians, and nearly all peasants. This immigration was curtailed by a more restrictive immigration policy put in place in the early 1920’s, which pretty much restricted the bulk of immigration to Europeans who wanted to come here, particularly favoring people from Western and Northern Europe. To this day, a solid majority of Arab Americans are Christian, btw.
    I don’t know much about Iranian Americans. There aren’t many in Seattle, where I live.

  4. “US IQ has always been 100. In recent years it has fallen to 98. How did that happen?”
    Some of this may be dysgenic breeding patterns in contemporary America. The lower and lower middle classes of all races have more children than do the upper middle and solidly-middle classes of all races. This probably is a factor.
    If average IQ drops to 95, then I’ll start freaking out.

      1. You may be right, but mass immigration from the 3rd world has been going on for 53 years. And only a 2 point IQ drop. That doesn’t strike me as, quite, catastrophic.
        There may, excessive fears of IQ drop aside, be good reasons to slow down mass immigration. For instance, it would de-engergize the alt-right and other reactionary movements. Best and most humane way to accomplish a tremendous slow-down in migration, in my opinion, would be to stop our brutally exploitative economic, geostrategic, and military polices toward those regions, driven by the short-sighted avarice of the Western Corporatocracy and banking interests, and their rapacious mentality toward the Third World. I highly recommend reading “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, by John Perkins, a former insider..
        The British and American financial sectors launder the hundreds of billions of dollars of drug profits, completely enabling, and even driving, the catastrophic violence destabilizing Mexico and Central America. Britain’s unregulated offshore financial empire takes care of the lion’s share of this out of places like the Cayman Islands and the Channel Islands. These “offshore” centers also hold over $900 billion, conservatively estimated, of stolen wealth from Africa, and literally trillions from the Middle East,and Latin America, laundering wealth stolen by corrupt government officials — theft that wouldn’t be remotely possible on such a massive scale otherwise, without this laundering. This represents absolutely unimaginable looting, and economic destabilization, as well as social and military destabilization of entire nations and continents, from which, not coincidentally, much migration into the US and Europe originates. I highly recommend a documentary, now available for free on YouTube, called “The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire”, for the grotesque details on this.
        I could go on forever about this stuff, but I have to be on my way to work in about 5 hours.

  5. Robert, you are forgetting the most “highly skilled” (their words not mine) of them all, the ones shouting “muh skillz” “muh ceos” all the time! Get it? You know the job robbing, deeply ethnocentric
    Modi fan boys!
    They are proposing a legistation that’ll clip the per country quota altogether. If that happens, you’ll see a tsunami the likes of which you’ve never seen before. It’ll be a whole river ganges (with the corpses and everything) worth of filth on our shores. As it is, Immigration from “Asia” (read India) has overtaken Hispanic immigration. When this happens, expect a flood of our Hindu hotheads to pay you a visit for all their skeletons that you’ve been exposing.
    Namaste and get ready to welcome your new masters.

      1. I would say most of the ‘educated middle class’ Indians want secure jobs with pension, while most of the top 0.1 to 1.0% (including self-proclaimed Hindu ‘nationalists/patriot/Bharat-Rakshaks’) want to migrate to developed countries.
        Yes, the Indian economy has better growth rate in recent years, but the toughest problem there is unemployment; and the Indian gov either lacks the political will or admin. apparatus even to measure the unemployment rate (grossly understated at 3 to 4%) more accurately.
        The Indian elite are more willing to create call-center jobs in air-conditioned rooms for the higher castes than low-tech low-valued-added factory jobs for the downtrodden majority and have missed entirely the manufacture boom economic stage once taken by say east Asian economies because the robots are taking over. Besides situation where mechanical precision demand robotics, the only way the Indian elite can robotize their manufacture industry is asking their low caste workers to put on C3PO suits to go to work.

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