Beyond Highbrow Birthday Fund Drive

Yes, it’s my birthday and I am another year older. You don’t want to know how old I am. Too old, that’s how old I am. How much longer am I going to hang around this insufferable planet? I am not sure. That’s up to God and my body. They will conference together at various times in the future until they decide when it’s a good time to kill me off. Unfortunately for all of my many enemies, I will probably not die soon. They say only the good die young, so I figure I’ll be around for a long time.
Anyway, my rent has been raised 150% since I moved in ten years. That is, it has gone up 2.5X. This would be like a $1,000 apartment going up to $2,500 in ten years. Can you imagine that? How could you possibly afford rent.  They have been slowly raising it on me here, and while I still get a deal, I am now paying close to half my income in rent. That’s just not sustainable, and if I can’t negotiate a reduction here, I am going to have to move somewhere else.
As it is, I run out of my money around the 6th of the month and I have $0 for the rest of the month. I’m not healthy enough to work at a regular full-time job otherwise I would do it like I have always done, so this is my only income stream other than counseling work, which I don’t get a lot of. I have a few other income streams but they are very sporadic. This actually is a pay site and regular commenters have to donate to stay on board. The only reason it stays up at all is because you readers keep it going.
So anyway, this is my pitch to all of you to make a donation to keep the site going. Also if any of you donors want to see me write about something in particular, let me know, and I will see if I can write about it. We are trying to do something pretty different here in addition to promoting a brand new political project, so if you think it’s worth supporting, you ought to pitch in, especially if you are feeling rich.
Thanks in advance for your continued support.

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3 thoughts on “Beyond Highbrow Birthday Fund Drive”

  1. Have you tried Patreon? The problem, though, is it’s run by the cultural left, lol, and they may not like your writing.

  2. Happy Birthday to a dear pal.
    I wish I could help you but my credit cards are all maxed out. That was the only way to send you anything.
    Hope you live long enough for me to afford to travel to America someday.
    I think you should crowdfund at or some other places. It is better if some friend of yours sets the page for you though. If can be any genuine cause.

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