Alt Left: Teaching Little Children to Be Gay

Well, that’s exactly what they are doing here. The woman narrating this video is very cool, an anti-SJW liberal! She’s pretty much Alt Left, and I wish she would identify as that. Unfortunately, there is no way to communicate with her as is the case with so many journalists and critics.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Teaching Little Children to Be Gay”

  1. Well, I don’t advocate children be taught to hate gays. I’d rather the subject be ignored
    Anyway, older kids at the least, are motherfuckers and nobody will ever stop them from bullying people (vocally) I think – especially not in conservative indoctrinated areas like where I live.
    Anyhow, there was a film promoted by John Oliver promoting gays to children – and that’s absurd and so that’s one reason I think the cultural left is dangerous.

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