Alt Left: Retard Culture in America

Rahul: The ironic thing is, people associate stuff to worth many times. Being good at math somehow makes someone “more worthy”?

Yeah, but you got good at math because you “tried really hard.” Almost no American believes that anyone was born with an inborn talent in anything, including math. Most Americans I meet deny that there are differences in human intelligence. They don’t event think some humans are smarter than other humans. Instead, some “try harder” than others. And most Americans I meet say there is no such thing as human intelligence at all – everyone is just as smart as everyone else. There are no humans who are smarter or dumber than other humans.
These people are not necessarily on the Right or the Left. This is just standard American retard culture we are talking about here. And I live in a conservative area. I will say that more intelligent or educated people seem more likely to acknowledge the existence of human intelligence. The retard attitude described above is mostly seen in working class people who never went to college.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Retard Culture in America”

  1. I think trying hard makes a difference, but I think the so-called “untalented” simply take longer to learn – maybe a lot longer, lol.

  2. My issue with intelligence is thats its an dumb word in itself ironically enough. Just say the trait one is talking about: He talks fast and eloquently, He is good in many domains or pertains to an homeodynamic system. It gets the argument acrosss much better. Thats why IQ-ists called it G. Fascinating that americans dont think intelligence exist, but ie heard the opposite from other people.
    There was an study were american and japanese students got an math test intentionally above their level, where most americans gave upp after 1 minute while the japanese preservered for like 45 min. I wonder why those americans… it cant be…

  3. Bob, I’m truly perplexed by the regular blithering over IQ.
    Here’s an interesting anology:
    The Dutch are the tallest humans—So the white nationalists would claim it has to do with superior Nordic genes; But wait a minute, some 200 years ago, they were actually quite short–
    — So the ‘IQ geneticists’ are dismayed that genes can change pretty drastically..
    — And the ‘IQ environmentalists’ would say, hey, I told you so, it has to do with environments and diet improvement..
    — I would like to question: Why environments changed so slowly, 200 years? The Soviet Union from birth to dissolution only lasted 75 years.
    Overall, I would say don’t bother, whatever some people say can’t change the reality the way they want. Just take the whole thing empirically.
    By the way, the most hard working student I’ve ever met is my youngest brother; he often studied pass 12.00pm and refused to sleep, and my mom was quite worried.

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