Alt Left: I Got Banned by Alternet for Opposing Radical Feminist Idiocy

Chalk up Alternet as one more left site destroyed by feminist fanatics. I think feminuts have taken over pretty much the entire Left at this point. There’s no way to be a liberal or Leftist now without subscribing to radical feminism.
I forget exactly what the article was about, but the discussion descended to Jeffrey Epstein of Pedo Island fame. Epstein recruited mostly legal age teenage girls over the age of 16 to work as models at Pedo Island. They ended up working as prostitutes for Mr. Epstein.
Epstein also had quite a bit of sex with girls younger than that, mostly 14-15, but he is accused of having sex with a 12 and 13 year old girl too. Charges were brought against him for having sex with a number of 14 and 15 year old girls, all of whom he paid for the favor.
So he was accused of having sex with many underage teenage prostitutes. Most took the money, but one 14 year old girl refused to take the money and decided to prosecute. Epstein had paid her an unknown amount for a handjob. He was convicted and sentenced to 13 months in federal prison for this crime.
The article went on to call this Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, a ridiculous term which makes no sense. The girls Epstein was having sex with were not trafficked. To be trafficked, you have to have a pimp. If you work on your own with no pimp, you are an independent businesswoman, and you’re not being trafficked unless you are trafficking  yourself, which is a bizarre idea.
All of this silliness has been made much worse by radical feminists’ bizarre insistence that all prostitution is somehow “trafficking.” When a man buys a prostitute’s services, he is “trafficking” her. Make sense. Of course not, nothing a radical feminist says is rational, but who cares! Radical feminists don’t logic. Anyway, I attacked this whole ridiculous concept, and the radical feminists at Alternet banned me.

Robert Lindsay
Robert Lindsay Marianne_C 2 months ago
Marianne (feminist retard): “DMST comes in various forms, including prostitution, pornography, stripping and other sexual acts into which an underage child is forced or enticed by an adult.”
Robert Lindsay: This is semantic abuse, government style.
LOL she wasn’t forced. She did it over her own free will just like all the rest of the little whores. They did it for the money, same as all prostitutes do. No one was forcing anyone to do anything.
“Rape parties” LOL. You’re kidding. Most of those girls were quite willing. A lot of them were coming to his place in New York and they were often 16-17, which is legal in NY. A lot of these girls were being invited down to Pedo Island, and they went there quite willingly.
Epstein did rape some girls, but a lot of them were doing it consensually for money. Consensual sex between an adult man and a teenage girl is hardly rape. The best term for it is “illegal intercourse.”
There were hundreds of girls who came forward and said Epstein paid them for sex, and Epstein paid off every single one of them. The 14 year old would not take the money and filed charges. That’s the only reason he went down at all.
13 months in prison for a handjob from a very willing 14 year old girl sounds about right. It’s hardly the crime of the century.
It’s funny because you abused the term “sex trafficking.”

As you can see, anytime an underage girl sells her ass sexually, she’s being “trafficked”? Trafficked by whom? Who forced her to whore her teen ass out as a high school prostitute? In some cases, no one.

Robert Lindsay
Robert Lindsay Marianne_C 2 months ago
Marianne (feminist idiot): This is also known as domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST), which is the commercial sexual exploitation of children through buying, selling, or trading the sexual services of American children.
Robert Lindsay: That’s a bullshit definition of sex trafficking. Who made that up? Radical feminists? Every underage prostitute out there (she was quite willing to whore herself to Epstein) is “being trafficked?” WTF. Who’s trafficking them? The men who buy sex from them are “trafficking” them? That’s madness.
I keep seeing these endless references to females being “trafficked,” and I keep wondering what in the Hell they are talking about. Generally the term means the woman is in bondage to someone, say a pimp, and is being moved around the country to prostitute for him, and she’s not making much money out of it either. It’s more or less sex slavery. It’s hard to understand how a teenage girl entrepreneuring as a prostitute is a sex slave.
Now I am getting it. For radical feminists just about every prostitute out there is somehow “being trafficked.” It all adds up now.
Flagged for semantic abuse and word murder by the radical feminuts.

She came back with more nonsense – that Epstein was convicted of sex trafficking for paying a 14 year old girl $200 for a handjob. How the Hell did he “traffic” that girl by giving her a wad of cash for a simple sex act? Radical feminists are murdering language again, but that’s nothing new.

Robert Lindsay
Robert Lindsay Marianne_C 2 months ago
Robert Lindsay: He didn’t get convicted of sex trafficking. He got convicted of paying a 14 year old girl to give him a handjob lol.

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16 thoughts on “Alt Left: I Got Banned by Alternet for Opposing Radical Feminist Idiocy”

  1. Luckily, there is still someone with common sense, or rather, with un-common sense.
    This manipulation of language is disgusting, although they are all equally immoral. In my personal case the one that I am most violent and aggressive is when they call “child” to a minor of 18, that sick fuck can understand that a boy or a girl of 16 or 17 years that are 90% developed is a child?! I have seen more adult women with less tits, hips and height.
    Another thing I hate is calling “pedophilia” when everyone is older than 12 and the majority is older than 14, that’s not pedophilia, only a stupid mind, rude and mentally retarded can call pedophilia fucking a woman with tits, hips and who has had her period for years.
    This feminist rabble is human garbage… have you seen how they speak with that moral superiority?

  2. Robert, I’m a bit confused about thy political stance.
    You’re definitely Fiscally Liberal, but I can’t tell when it comes to social shit. For some shit, your extreme right, and for others you are extreme left (some of this shit is really common sense. I mean, why the fuck should incest not be legal)

      1. Probably on the HBD stuff. Whether it’s true or not, it’s still seen as a right wing position. Or at least it’s only right-wingers/libertarians who tend to openly embrace HBD.

        1. Sure. Every time I post about it on here, people completely flip. None of the liberal or Left commenters want anything to do with race realism. It’s like it’s literally poison. Even Alpha, who is usually quite sedate, gets pretty riled up when I go race realist, especially about her kin. I don’t like to write about it because all it does is piss people off and make my friends yell at me.
          Race realism is the ultimate Third Rail of liberal – Left, or really any politics in the US. Even on the Right, everyone who brings up race realism has to quit their job and issue an apology and they all get their careers wrecked. Even in Trump’s party, it’s not really ok. A number of Trumpists have resigned over race realist remarks.

  3. There isn’t much arguing about underage stuff – whether the girls were little whores or not. You simply can’t do it! It’s illegal, a no-go zone.
    However, though, hypothetically, the age of consent should be much lower, but it simply isn’t now – so that’s how it is.

    1. I am not arguing about the age of consent. I was simply arguing that the little whores were not trafficked, that’s all. Who “trafficked” them? I hate this abuse of language. The feminists are raping the English language.

      1. Question, how did these girls get to the island? Minors can’t buy plane tickets. So whoever was bringing them there might be the trafficker.

        1. LOL Epstein is a billionaire. They called it the Pedo Island Express because he flew people out there in his private jet or jets.
          You’re not trafficking prostitutes unless you own them as sex slave prisoners as a pimp does. All whores who lack pimps are not being trafficked de facto.

        2. If they’re minors and he’s having them flown in(obviously against their parent’s consent), I can see how that might meet people’s definition of trafficking. If the girls were 17 and a half I could see your point, but 14 is damn young. That’s barely pubescent.

        3. 16 is the legal age of consent in New York. The girls were all legal. The girls were being flown down there for modeling jobs.
          The charges were all based on girls that Epstein was paying at his place in New York and possibly in Florida too. He wasn’t trafficking anyone.
          You’re not being trafficked unless some pimp owns you and is terrorizing you into staying by threatening you if you leave. If you can take off anytime you like, you are not being trafficked.

          1. but 14 is damn young. That’s barely pubescent.
            LOL! Ever fucked a 14 year old girl? I have. Got some news for you. They’re horny as Hell, easily as horny as any woman. It ain’t no little girl, my friend. Nowadays 14 year old girls have raging sex drives. Some research I have done indicates that 70% of girls that age are masturbating to orgasm every day or almost every day. Most started at age 13. She’s masturbating to orgasm every day? Ok, that means she wants to get fucked every single day. That’s how horny a 14 year old girl is.
            They do look awful young though, I agree.

      2. Why people says if ever says anything “well, if she’s 17 and 10 months old nothing happens/you’re right” no, is always fine as long as she wants it! I don’t care if it’s barely pubescent, pre-pubescent or post-pubescent. Laws should be based on reason, not feelings.
        For me most of 19 are just damn old, then that should be the law? we should prohibit sex with 19 years because I find them too old for me?
        Evolution gave us superior reasoning, in a way that is incredible and we wasted it on the basis of “I believe” and “I like/not like it”.

    2. The human law doesn’t mean anything, I download pirated video games, it’s illegal, and I do it. In fact, I don’t have sex with anyone under 16 because it’s a very serious crime, but seriously, that’s just a creation of men like me. Why do I have to obey human laws?
      The only one that can enact laws is Nature (whether you see it as an atheist in a merely materialistic form, or pantheist or theist as Nature = God or creation of God, if you like it that way), a human can not impose laws on another human, there is a rule in the army that is the hierarchy and chain of command, someone can not enact order to another of the same rank or within the same rank, same position, can only do the lower.
      No human is superior to me, since until now I do not recognize anyone who has a mandate from Nature, so for now, no one can order me anything, only Nature can do it, another thing is that human criminals arrogate to themselves the right to enact laws and punish those who disobey them, but that is effectively illegal and should be punishable by extremely severity, which is what we law-abiding should give to those who govern us without the right to do so.
      Marxism was the radical idea of ending man’s slavery at the hands of other men. For now the time has come to create the radical idea that man’s rule by man must be ended.

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