Game/PUA: Where Does "Seduction" End and "Sexual Assault" Begin?

Shi: While I agree with the remaining article, I beg to differ with the following paragraph.
RL: Males have this idea that if they just keep grabbing at her over and over, eventually she’s going to cave in. In my experience, it doesn’t work that way. Once she starts batting your hand away like that, you can touch her two, three, five, or 50 more times, and she will just keep pushing your hand away while getting increasingly angry. My experience has been that you won’t eventually break her by continuing to touch her. It doesn’t work that way. So if she’s batting your hand away, quit touching her.
If a girl allows me to touch her 50 frikking times, and still brushes me aside each and every time. Well, I’m definitely taking her to bed.
It is important that she yells at me and creates a scene. I get such an incredible hard-on by that.
HER: “I don’t want you to touch me, pervert. I’ll call my boyfriend/the cops if you do it again.”
ME: “I don’t mind your boyfriend. I’m drunk, baby. Just one more kiss and I will be gone from your life. Forever. Promise. Maybe two kisses.”
I have to be a little drunk or high on something to pull this stunt successfully.
Li’l naughty me expects to be smacked on the face or kicked in the groins before taking a hint.
50 cold shoulder rejections of my handsy self is a rather huge number. There IS A NUMBER OF TIMES by which she should cave in. It’s never gotten that far. Maybe 10-15 rejections on the dance floor at the most. But, not before I got my fingers wrapped around her waist, hips and boobies.
(p.s. – I don’t have much experience with American women as I’ve never been to USA. That might be an extra level of difficulty.)

You can’t do that here in the US. Shi advocates this stuff all the time, but if you try to do what Shi advocates here in the US, you are going to get accused of sexual assault. I am not sure what will happen to you, but most of the #metoo allegations that caused so many men lost jobs and destroyed careers were for doing exactly what Shi is talking about here. Or even less.
Every time you touch her without getting her consent beforehand, it is literally sexual assault. If she likes it, it’s not sexual assault anymore. In the present day US, if you keep grabbing at a woman, and she keeps knocking you away and getting increasingly angry, you are literally sexually assaulting her. And according to all this #metoo shit, you need to be arrested for that. Even after the first time she bats you away, feminists say that’s called “No means no,” and you literally have to not touch her even one more time.
So I am pretty scared to keep grabbing at them when they start pushing me away like that.
Actually it is much worse than that. If you touch her or grab at her even one time without getting permission first and she gets mad and bats you away, you literally just committed sexual assault right there. And the feminists say you need to be arrested on sexual assault charges for doing just that.
The problem is that one of the definitions of sexual assault is “dating.” So by defining sexual assault in this crazy way, the US feminists have succeeded in making dating effectively illegal.
Because at least on every date or similar seduction situation I have ever been in with a female, I started touching her or kissing her in some way or another. I never once asked permission. I just did it. I have literally done this 10,000’s of times now with hundreds of females.

  • If you go on a date with a female, you need to start touching her at some point.
  • Reach out and take her hand in yours as you are walking along.
  • Reach around her waist and put your arm around her as you walk along.
  • Put your arm around your shoulder.
  • Reach down to her leg and put your hand on her upper thigh.
  • Reach over to her arms and start lightly touching her arms with your fingers.
  • If she has a pocket on her dress, ask if you can put your hand in it. When she says yes, do it.
  • If you have something in a jeans or sweater pocket, coyly ask her if she can take the item out of your pocket for you. They will get a twinkle in their eye and do just that.
  • Lean over and kiss her, usually slowly and gently. Put your hands on her softly as you do it.
  • When you are sitting down, reach your arm around her shoulder and put your hand on her tit.
  • Or just jump her. On a car seat next to you, parked in front of her place, just attack her and start kissing her really hard. On a bed at her place, look at her and then just jump her and start kissing her really hard.
  • Grab her and shove her up against a hallway and start kissing her really hard. If after a minute she tells you to back off, do it. Then an hour later, do it again.
  • Each and every one of these actions is a sexual assault except for where you put your hand in her dress pocket. But if she goes for it, it’s not sexual assault anymore. Yet you never know if she is going to go for it or not until you try. The British call this “trying it on.” They call flirting with a woman “chatting her up.”

But if you keep grabbing at her over and over, and she keeps pushing you away while getting angrier, the #metoo movement is definitely calling this sexual assault. On the other hand, your chances of going down on this are about zero because no DA will take such a stupid case. Yet I don’t feel like pestering women.
The problem here is that with women, a lot of the time “no” doesn’t mean “no” at all. Instead, “no” means “try harder.” If females want to know why males act so rapey, it’s for that reason right there – females deliberately promote and encourage rapey behavior in males!
What do you think, guys? Let’s hear your thoughts.

  • How do you feel about touching and kissing women without their permission (something I advocate)?
  • How do you feel about continuing to touch and grab at her as she bats you away and gets increasingly angry (something that gives me a queasy feeling these days).
  • What’s sexual assault?
  • Where does dating end and sexual assault begin?
  • What do you think of the latest feminist consent idiocy where you have to ask permission anytime you want to touch or kiss a female in any way?
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14 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Where Does "Seduction" End and "Sexual Assault" Begin?”

  1. I think a lot of this seduction stuff is persecution against creeps/the so-called “ugly” I mean, if this was a “cool guy”, even the most angry feminists wouldn’t object.
    But average guys want sex – so they stalk it out and often run into bitches, hence this situation.

  2. The problem here is that with women, a lot of the time “no” doesn’t mean “no” at all. Instead, “no” means “try harder.”
    Hah hah. Robert ya old fox, you agree with my technique. There it is. You’re maybe just a bit afraid to do that in the US where everyone probably carries a gun in their pocket. I would be afraid too. American/Ca-nah-dian snow queens can be real snotty.
    Eastern European gals, for example, can be super bitchy. But, once they do cave in, you are going to have a wonderful time. Spaniard girls love to be touched. British girls know what’s up when the guy is a total sleaze. They love it. Indian girls expect to be touched if they’re flashing a smile at you. Thai girls. Indonesian girls. Some of them real beautiful. They all love to be touched. It’s not a big deal.
    Indeed, it’s always try harder with these attention whores all the time.
    I should have mentioned. Just because I know this method works does not mean I have to resort to it every time. Not on most days at least.
    You don’t get anywhere with any woman in the world unless you don’t touch and feel her properly. Even the ones who hate to be touched.
    Also, I must add that whatever I do, I never follow her around everywhere. I will keep touching her as long as she’s within 2-3 feet of my body. The works. But if she just gets up and decides to move elsewhere, I’m not going to follow her. There is a difference between Good Game and desperation. It”s good to be playful and natural.

  3. The problem is that one of the definitions of sexual assault is “dating.” So by defining sexual assault in this crazy way, the US feminists have succeeded in making dating effectively illegal. Every time you touch her without getting her consent beforehand, it is literally sexual assault.

    I have to add here that the invention of smartphones has made it just a little bit difficult to grab a girl anytime you feel like. Before 2014, it used to be far easier.
    Now you have CCTV cameras everywhere. And everyone has a high resolution cameraphone with them.
    I would be definitely worried about some mangina filming the whole interaction.
    Going viral on YouTube for the wrong reasons is not what I bargained for. That is a lot worse than being thrown out of the premise or even facing an arrest. But yes, you have to take your chances.
    Just imagine going to a restaurant after that and the manager refusing you inside.
    “I’m sorry we can’t let you in. I saw that video on YouTube. Aren’t you that creepy guy who got caught on film sexually assaulting a girl?

    1. We all know that. Now let’s develop ways to change society. We need to reform societal attitudes so that if you were caught on HD cameras groping girls and acting creepy, it’s seen as a good deed, or unimportant. Instead of saying it’s the MeToo era, say MeToo needs to end immediately, and invent ways to make MeToo cease to exist.

      1. That establishment should be saying “youre that creepy guy on Youtube caughf groping a girl. Come in here tonight she is planning to be here we heard on her social media feed and i see you like groping her so be here tonight and we’ll escort you straight to her table.” that’s how societal attitudes should be and our mission is to MAKE THAT HAPPEN!

        1. Hah hah
          When there are too many rules stifling sexual freedom, it will eventually get to the point where being creepy becomes a badge of honour.
          Those cock-blocking rules always existed. It’s just gotten a bit worse after 2009 thanks to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tinder and smartphones.

        2. They have gotten dramatically worse just in the past 10-20 years. Since #metoo, they have become catastrophic.
          And Shi, if you act the way you describe yourself acting here in the US as an American, you will get accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault very quickly. Not sure what will happen, but if you have a job, you might lose it, and if your name ever gets well-known, all these creepy crawler females will come crawling out of the woodwork #metoo’ing you.
          Unless I am mistaken, you can’t act that way here. Or maybe you can. I don’t know. But I wouldn’t dare try it. I am terrified of being called creepy. I still get called that sometimes, but I really hate it. And the fear of being called creepy shies me away from a lot of opportunities with women. On the other hand, this has really been going on forever now, but I am even more afraid now than I was then.

        3. I am terrified of being called creepy. I still get called that sometimes, but I really hate it. And the fear of being called creepy shies me away from a lot of opportunities with women.

          This is what I tell myself before I approach a girl “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”
          I know at your age you have a lifetime of good reputation at stake here. But the fear of being called creepy can only be overcome with brazenness.
          I self-identify as a “shameless, sleazy fellow”. It isn’t easy but once you start living outside societal rules and conventions, people around you get used to it. You become desensitized to appellations like “creep”, “weirdo”, “predator”, “harasser”, “stalker”.
          The impact of words like that is only as much as you want to give them. If you don’t bother, they simply lose their meaning.
          Think of yourself as an adult porn star and you will lose all that inhibition real fast. Really it’s no big deal.

  4. As for the million-dollar question,

    “Where does seduction end, and sexual assault begin?”

    I think it’s just a matter of perspective.
    For a playa’, it’s seduction at each and every step.
    For a #metoo feminist or white knight orbiter, it’s sexual assault all the way.
    For the snotty attention whore in question, it can be either way. Depends on how much you’re willing to try hard. She’s going to love it either way.
    One thing is for sure. She’s going to feel pretty damn envious if she rejected your advances and then you walk hand in hand with another hottie. That is the best feeling in the world as a man. Of smug satisfaction.
    I was at this nightclub in Bali where I spilled my drink on this East European girl who rejected my advance just moments ago. I felt confident doing it because I had my hands wrapped around another East European hottie feeling her body all the way.
    Felt a keen sense of sadistic vengeance. East European bitch #1 yells at me, “Asshole, you just ruined my dress.”
    I feigned a sorry after blowing a kiss her way.
    “Eee wash an accident baby. Just an accident.”

    1. Before maneuvering into a girl to grope her, have some already planned “follow up” moves (something to quickly snap her neck or flip her over and crack her skull on the pavement) should she react adversely. Like instantly transition your hands on her from a playful breast or butt rub straight into a deadly martial arts combo. Every guy should be willing to do this. Sure we’ll end up in prison for maiming or killing the girls. Then all the other guys should have huge rallies outside of prison and campaigns to elect officials who will pardon the guys who hurt the girls. Make every guy in prison for rape a Nelson Mandela status. Girls will quickly learn to obey guys. Perhaps the bar dating and pickup culture can end, replaced by men legally recognized as entitled to women and provided young brides for a low price.

      1. Edit every movie scene where a guy awkwardly flirts with a girl and she slaps him, so that he immediately aftwrward closes fist punches her and she flies across the room.

        1. I wouldn’t advocate those extreme video game steps. Not that the girls don’t occasionally deserve a smackdown but only if she’s been your steady partner for a while. You don’t even need to have slept together to hit her if she crossed the line. As long as you stay classy, it’s OK to be a dick and a douchebag with women. They do it all the time.
          I’m a gentleman at heart. An old-fashioned type. Men have the right to woo girls. They have the right to reject our advances and humiliate us. The whole thing is just a game. And there can be only one winner in a game. One have to lose sometimes. Can’t blame the opponent (girl) when I don’t even want to play.
          I joke about sexual assaults and rapey behavior with girls during casual conversations all the time. It’s an excellent way to break the ice.

        2. “As long as you stay classy, it’s OK to be a dick and a douchebag with women. They do it all the time.”
          Who does what all the time?
          So women love rape jokes. LOL, who knew? “Rape Jokes as Seduction Technique,” by Shi. New book out soon.

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