Game/PUA: The Big Lie: Trump Admitted to Sexually Assaulting Women

The Left, of which I am unfortunately a part of, just won’t stop repeating this stupid lie. The Lie goes like this: When Trump said, “I just grab em in the pussy,” he was admitting to sexual assault. Except he wasn’t and what he described wasn’t sexual assault at all. Trump said and I am paraphrasing:

When you are a famous as I am, you can get away with anything sexually. You can do anything – even grab em in the pussy. And they let you do it because you’re famous.

Ok what Trump admitted to was not grabbing women in the pussy against their will, though he definitely didn’t ask permission before doing this. He said he got away with all sorts of sexual things, all the way up to grabbing women right in the pussy,  and women don’t mind, let him do it, and actually like it because he’s so famous. So he grabbed women in the pussy, but because he was so famous, they enjoyed it and allowed him to do it to them without objection. Ok, look. If you grab or touch her and she likes it and lets you do it, it’s not sexual assault. It’s only sexual assault if she doesn’t like it and tries to stop you after you do it. So Trump confessed to 10 It’s pretty sickening the way the (Feminist) Left has lied about this comment. Trump is monstrous enough without making up crap about him. Just focus on all of the outrages and atrocities he does commit. We should have our hands full with that. There’s no need to make up lies about him. The truth about him is bad enough.

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One thought on “Game/PUA: The Big Lie: Trump Admitted to Sexually Assaulting Women”

  1. As much as the right drag the nation through the mud over Bill Clinton’s blowjob, I feel like turnabout is fair play. Sure it sounds nice to be so fair to Trump. But when is the right ever fair to the opponents? They go for the throat and don’t stop. Even if you are technically right, I’m going throw as many daggers at him as possible. And if Obama had been caught saying that, the same right wingers defending Trump would be calling Obama a thug.

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