Alt Left: Who’s White? A Caucasian Roundup, or Ultra-Pan-Aryanism

Thinking Mouse: I didn’t read the article and now see you disagree with me, but I’ll explain why I think this category is appropriate.

Since I’m largely anti-HBD (though the African non-African dichotomy might have some merit), especially to the traits affecting many types of social capital, I really just see race as the social constructs and their origin. So when people look different, that could have an affect on the perception people have, and it used to in the past.

I think its that you are raised in America with its diversity, and maybe your lack of racism has made you accept more swarthier people as fulfilling the roles of good citizens, and therefore get a pass to the all so important group. In my view, by your criteria for a race, we might as well say that an Frenchman with dark hair and large nostrils/bulgy nose is Chinese cause they don’t look “that different”. Blue eyes and pink nipples are almost unique to Whites, that’s like indispensable right there.

Of course Arabs are White, especially North Africans like Moroccans and Algerians. However, there are Black people in those countries and they don’t count. Most Libyans are White. So are most Tunisians and most Egyptians. There are non-White Egyptians in the South. I had an Egyptian girlfriend once who would be more properly characterized as a light skinned Black woman. Light Egyptians and Moroccans openly identify as White.

Most Saudis and Yemenis are White. The Yemenis we have here are all White and identify as White. All Syrians are White and the ones here also identify as White. Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Iraqis and Gulf types are mostly White. However there are a few Blacks among these people in Iraq and the Gulf. Prince Bandar is not a White man.

Of course Persians and most Afghans are White. Afghans even identify as White. The ones I know told me they are Aryans, the original Whites. But some Afghans are Asiatics, like the Hazara. Most Pakistanis are White, and some even identify as White. There are some non-Whites down in the South, but all the ones I have met are as White as I am.

Many but not all North Indians are White, especially Punjabis, many of whom are as White as I am. Quite a few Uighurs and Nepalis are White, but many are not. Groups like the Mansi are similar and you have to look at them on an individual basis.
Of course Chechens, Azeris, Georgians, Armenians and the rest of the people of the Caucasus are White. Also Azeris, Armenians and Chechens at least identify as White.

Most Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, and Uzbeks, etc. and many Siberians from around the Altai are best seen as mixed race. Many Tatars and Bashkirs are also mixed race. All of these groups are so mixed with Asiatics that they can’t really properly be called Whites.

I would look at facial and bone structure. Really all Caucasoids are simply Whites. Look at the face and if the face looks like a White person’s face, no matter the skin color, they are White.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Who’s White? A Caucasian Roundup, or Ultra-Pan-Aryanism”

  1. Our racial classification system is fucked. People are calling “Arab” and “Hispanic” a race when they are really ethnicities.
    Black and White are based off of skin colors, and they are being classified as races?
    Oh, this is more about society than government, but since when were Arabs not Asians? And since when the fuck was “Asian” ever a fucking race! It’s not!
    Since when was Hispanic a race? It’s an ethnicity filled with a billion races!
    Also, why is there “White Hispanic”, when there isn’t “White Asian”?

  2. Give those “whites” light eyes and hair and youll Will see that their facial structure is different, as they have simetic noses and rounder eyes with larger eyelids. I Still stand by my opinion.

    1. Many of those non-white caucasian ethnic groups are very different from northern europeans in cephalic index too.

    2. True definition of White is referring to more than anthropology similarities for it is •anglosaxon• {angrez}civilization- Tolkien etc
      •However • Aryan urmheit — homelands— origin point is indeed Immortal Afghanistan~ historic gatekeeper •to •and •of • beloved Bharat of the baby deer 🦌 iow fawn and •Gateway to vast realms of wintry blisses most divine of PaleoArctic splendours and staunchly patriarchal Central Asia Civilizations. Ya

      So it’s complicated- arya equal hindu and hindu equal arya – arya anthropology texts name original primal tribes of mankind one of whom is chinee Chinese aboriginal tribe of earth planet .
      China is student India is teacher .
      The Primal Aryan tribe is Pakhtun- renowned for wondrous (celestial otherworldly) {svargi}deep amber whisky grey green vibrant blue eyes found nowhere else on earth ~ really the eyes of Aryan God. Gandharvan beauty created only thru proper romance — i write on this topic- mine passion is ideal india.
      Also noted r illustrious Jat tribe.
      And daitya German Scandi is noted as primal
      Tribes of arya man kind .
      Live and let live- religion starts with absolute tranquility of ahimsic nonviolence.
      List of surviving arya ideologies-
      1 Vedantic six schools of hindu philosophies
      2 jain
      3 Zarathustra
      4 Gautam Buddh
      5 Sikhi of Sri Nanak Maharaj
      6 Sufi aryaIslam as Prophet was belonging to arya tribe as per Blavatsky- ya
      7 international pagan brotherhood of west arya

      Fair White skin that blushes flushed burns and darkens thru sunlight heat water or mood can be found in all meta Caucasian ethnicities – european is more descriptive because European culture is very much extremely distinct (intact body!) from greater Afpak (some r intact body) and greater Afpak is markedly different from bharat of gangetic plain (Intact body) which is very different from madras Hyderabad etc(intact body)
      So tranquil mind when govt is oppressive internationally is tuff- it’s not fun being called racist by bantu or fanatic by old euroCaucasian strangers males- and I’m female – of ancient most vegetaryan blood virtually disease free – very high iq
      – more later maybe

  3. Earliest Whites in the world today are Berbers. In Europe Estonians seem to have the most WHG DNA. Anatolian farmers and later PIE then flooded Europe. Sardinians are damn near pure Anatolian farmer. A lot of North Euros are high in PIE. I give Lithuanians the trophy but it’s a tight race.

  4. Purest Whites in Europe, maybe Irish or Welsh. Slight admixture is fine though, like Swedes have some Finn. Actual skin color has little to do with race. Ainu seem pretty light but are not White and many groups have dark skin but are not negroid.

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