Game/PUA: How to Deal with a Seriously Bitchy Girlfriend

If she picks on you half the day and acts mean, try everything in the book to get her to stop. Don’t fight back against the micro-bitch-outs. Try the silent treatment instead. Don’t react when she does her little bitchy sniping. Or say,  “Um hum”, “Oooo kay,” “all right,” or stupid stuff like that. Do it after every pestering remark. Or say “thank you” or “I love you” after every snipe. Don’t act hurt.
You can start to feel mean though. When she is sniping at you half the day, put a cold, evil mindset into your head like you are a serial killer, and you are going to kill her at any minute. Look right at her and think, “I am going to kill you right now, you fucking bitch.” If you can handle thoughts like this without getting violent, do it. It will make you look cold, icy, evil, and very frightening, but this is a bitch who is literally attacking you 1,000 times a day, so she deserves it.
Don’t respond to her minibitches in public. Put that icy mindset on. When someone looks at you like, “Your girl just bitched out! What are you going to do about it? Are you a pussy?” don’t react and instead just look right at the other person and think, “You know what? This cunt is really starting to piss me off, and I swear I am going to kill her when I get home.” This will make you look like a touch, scary, mean and maybe evil man who isn’t backing down or wimping out to your woman’s bitchiness. The other person will probably respect you.
This is very important because if you let your woman bitch you out in public and act hurt, argue with her, or look like a pathetic pussy, it looks very bad, and other people will look at you like, “You wimp! You let your woman bitch you out in public! You pathetic pussy! You’re not a man.” Instead of getting hurt, get angry, but make a slow, cold, evil burning angry like a coldblooded killer instead of hot angry.
If she tries to hit you, do anything you can think of. Block her punches. Laugh in her face. You can hit her back but don’t do it too hard and don’t hit sensitive areas. She will probably threaten to call the cops anyway the moment you hit her even if she tried to hit you 400 times first. Don’t freak out if she threatens to do this. Just act cold and say, “That would be really stupid.” If she gets really mean and angry and vicious with the insults, shrug your shoulders like you don’t care, laugh right in her face, or cuss her out.
If you do something fucked up, bad or wrong, just own up to it right there and apologize profusely while looking ashamed.

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