Alt Left: High School Girls "Pulling Trains" in the 1970's

Thinking Mouse: Both the porno and having people on a line sound about the same amount of crazy for me. Were those fish girls hot or did they do it to get access to hotter guys easier? Did the girls discriminate depending on how the approaching guy looked? I guess the second question can be answered with alcohol lol. I’ve never been in an party that wasn’t planned by parents or school.

Fish girls? You didn’t get access to the best guys by being a slut. You got access to them by being hot. I don’t know any girls who pulled trains, but most of the sluts were hot. I believe most of the girls who pulled trains were hot. I have heard that if you were part of that train, the room would be dark, and the girl would be cumdrunk out of her head, flopping around on the bed like a fish, and panting like a dog. She couldn’t really see you very well. She would be saying, “More! More! More cock! More cock!”, and she would just welcome you aboard. Most of the girls who were pulling trains were drunk, but you must understand that a lot of girls would deliberately get blackout or near blackout drunk specifically so they could whore out, be promiscuous, or pull trains or whatever, and then afterwards say they were not responsible because they were drunk and could not remember. Some of the wildest sex I have had in my life was with high school girls/women, and when I asked them about it afterwards, they said they had no memory of it. One woman kept yelling out these three other guys’ names while I was in bed with her. I had to keep reminding her, “I’m Bob. I’m not (Ken/(John/Bill, etc.). Remember?” Then she would laugh and say, “Oh that’s right. You’re Bob.” Then back to, “Pant, pant, pant, pant. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me dammit!” etc. etc. We had a bottle of whiskey mixed with Coca-cola in the bed, and we drank the whole thing that New Years Eve night. I escaped by climbing out the window of her bedroom, as all this was going on at her parents’ house. Later I would go visit her by climbing in the bedroom window and escaping a similar way. Good times! She was extremely hot and known to be a serious slut, most of my friends knew her, and some had messed around with her, but none had had sex with her, as she was still rather discriminating. I became a legend by fucking her and was a bit of a hero on campus afterwards. Even many years later, my friend who knew her would look at me in awe and say, ‘Yeah, but you fucked DJ.'” That practically gave me hero for life status right there, just fucking that one hot slut. Most guys in those lines were the cool guys who were most decent looking or at least macho enough to be hot by most girls’ bad boy standards. The dorky, nerdy or lame ugly guys who girls would not date would not even be in a line like that. They would not even be at that party. Those parties were “cool people only parties – no geeks and dorks allowed.” Ugly and fat girls simply were not sluts because no one wanted to fuck them.

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