35,000 White Women A Year Are Raped by Blacks!

White nationalists love to toss this headline around to make it seem like Black criminals go out of their way to preferentially select White women to rape, almost as if they were hunting and White women were their prey. The 35,000 alone is shocking and boils down to 100 White women a day being raped by Black criminals. Just reading that figure is almost enough to set off the latent White nationalist in any White person.
I don’t mean to play down such a crime figure. Any high rape figure is appalling.
But that figure is not nearly as shocking as it seems.
For instance, Black women are vastly more likely to be victimized by Black criminals than White women are. Comparing Blacks to Whites, five times as many Black women as White women are raped by Black men. Looking at only those two races, Black women are 85% of the rape victims of Black rapists. White women are 15% of the victims.
If these rapists were simply picking women of these two races at random to rape, 84% of their victims would be White women, and only 16% would be Black women. I don’t know how to do the math here, but it looks like Black women are maybe six times more likely to be raped relative to their population than White women. So Black rapists massively go out of their way to select Black women for rape and go way out of their way to avoid selecting or deselect White women.
But that’s not what you would hear from the White nationalists. Figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure.

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11 thoughts on “35,000 White Women A Year Are Raped by Blacks!”

  1. But southerners wouldn’t deport blacks in either the slave days or Jim Crow – even knowing that! (being sarcastic here, not a racist)

  2. Fear of rape of your white wife was the thing told to police officers in Apartheid South Africa. On this movie, the sergeant reinforces these ideas to justify the cause and motivate.
    I’m wondering on modern small town police departments, the same mentality persists. I mean, they aren’t the most progressive bunch.

  3. The dark side, though, is the fact some women might want to be raped – and more scary, they might change it from consensual rape to non-consensual, in a moment’s notice.
    Or as in the Joseph story in the Bible, the man refuses to have sex and then he’s accused of rape.

    1. Refusing sexual act to a woman thirsting for it is as guilty a rape in God’s eyes as imposing sexual act on a woman not wanting it, and you are right, she is the boss as regards deeming it consensual or not. Everything biblical works both ways.

  4. I’ve seen that propaganda before. I think that 35,000 isn’t just rape, it’s including all sexual assault, which in many people’s minds is tantamount to rape but actually can be a lot of things, such as an unwanted touch. I’m not 100% on this, I don’t feel like digging through FBI stats right now. But years I looked into this and saw that they were using figures that included all types of “sexual assault” (which doesn’t necessarily even involve penetration of any sort) and then changing the word to rape. What I also found is that a huge number of reported rapes are actually acquaintance rapes and involve a guy having sex with a woman who drank too much. I’ve had sex with women where we were both heavily intoxicated. If the girl decided to go to the cops the next day and say she was raped, I’d be included in that statistic. Most people think a rapist looks like some guy jumping out of a van in a dark parking lot. Most rapes are intraracial because most dating is intraracial. The parking lot rapist scenario is actually quite rare.

  5. I rather doubt blacks return the love given by Whites. We all know that positive White hippy type that loves everyone, perhaps the majority of Whites, and that really contrasts with the bitter black thugs mean mug.
    Whites are conditioned to love blacks via the media “magical negro, black athletes, ect.”. Blacks are taught by the media that they are the victims of Whites. In the movie “Mudbound” a White is told “You’re one of the good ones.” That is the general message blacks get, most Whites are shit and good Whites are rare if they exist at all. I say the reverse is true, most Whites are good. Blacks in ghettos and prisons are more likely to rape this trusting White majority.

  6. I am a white man and I actually welcome African and Arab men to invade western society as liberator troops. Much like the USA troops invaded Normandy to save the British from Gernany, foreigners can come in to help us fight off an enemy who is occupying us. Today in western society its our own women who are the enemy. We white western men can fight our women best if we get some help from men who actually are accustomed to being sexually aggressive. Us white Western men need to start acting more like African and Arab men.

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